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  • pharmaphun2 pharmaphun2 Jun 21, 2014 2:31 AM Flag

    tofa cured alopecia universalis!?!

    Thoughts? Obviously the prevelance is extremely low, but still extremely intriguing. The pictures look like pt is back to normal with a full head of hair. Wonder how efficacious Bari is looking in our psoriasis study

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    • how come I am the only one to find this on jakafi curing alopecia also????? just google family practice and jakafi together

    • I believe alopecia universalis is considered an autoimmune disease, so the JAK3 action of Tofa is probably involved here.

      The easiest way to think of JAK 1/2 drugs in inflammation is as being mostly like TNF blockers (TNF signals through the JAKs). So since TNF blockers work against psoriasis, we can expect Bari to. Dose to control psoriasis runs high, but recall that Bari pretty much didn't have a dose-limiting toxicity in the RA p2 (it has low affinity for bone marrow, which is the organ where it might cause the most trouble). Historically, there's a licensing problem in psoriasis. FDA regards it as neither crippling nor life-threatening, so they are more demanding than they'd be for a drug treating a disease they regard as worse. That's how the TNF blockers came to be approved for RA first, then psoriatic arthritis, and only then psoriasis.

    • I saw that article; question , how complete disclosure is, no side effect may be just luck with single patient.

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