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  • suckerally suckerally Apr 12, 1999 9:22 AM Flag

    Good news! For the shorts and AFFX.

    And that on a day on which the general market
    promises to be down bigtime. INCY is *already* losing the
    patent battle and they haven't even started earing
    royalties. Poor poor buggers.
    What will become of the
    God knows.

    Oh and before I


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    • Mr. Suckerally,

      WB/CM don't do tech, but,
      as the reference above points out, other investors
      from "GramAndDoddsVille", in particular the folk at
      Legg Mason Value Trust, do. It's that "circle of
      competence" thing. WB/CM just maintain that tech (w or wo the
      "bio" prefix) is outside their circle.

      Sorry to
      interrupt your otherwise lucent thread. I continue to enjoy
      your posts.


      simply can't look at high-tech companies, Internet
      companies, and say with a high degree of assurance where
      those companies will be in 10 years,'' Buffet told a
      briefing here.
      ``We have no positions in high-tech
      stocks and we won't have.''

      Seems that some of
      the people on this board are quite a bit smarter than
      Buffet, seeing >20 years in advance in a high-tech

      The conclusion may be that overestimating oneself
      comes naturally to some.

    • if you have ever heard of the concept of 'stops'
      then you should know that anyone trading shares needs
      those as a protection against irrational stock
      But I wouldn't be surprised if the lazy
      buy&hold crowd here is completely unaware of any other
      strategies to follow and will thus eventually follow INCY
      into the ground.
      So far I made good money on INCY
      but, clearly, I could have done a lot better if I had
      had a crystal ball. Anyway, let this dork of a
      company run, let it fly, the drop will be all the harder.
      When the short covering dries up it will be a great
      short again.
      Mark my words.
      And I'll be watching
      the developments closely, count on it.

      tell me, do you have a PhD?
      Ha ha ha !!!

    • between GLGC and INCY is that INCY has a lot more shorts
      who will be fueling its recovery.

    • Being a novice technician but following stocks on
      a daily basis, this was one of the easiest read I
      seen in a long time. The question isn't if we'll see
      $30 or even $40, the question is when?

      GLGC in the same field as INCY is still tanking way
      below it's value. You should all take a

      I'm long on GLGC since July 98 and INCY Apr 99



      bt/alex brown reiterates strong buy, target $34/share.
      when do you start covering your short position,
      suckerally, around $27 or $28?

      face it, it's over -
      the momentum built up from this week (>30%
      increase) will take us to the low-30's in a couple of

      you're outta here...

    • Frankly, I'm disappointed. What's going on? Are
      you frustrated not being long on 'net stocks? Or for
      having picked INCY instead of AFFX?

      But no, not
      just that, I'm getting the feeling you're short AFFX
      (**GASP**!!!) and long INCY, are losing big on all fronts, and
      are very frustrated at not seeing AFFX

      Agreed, it'd be a sad story. But there's no need to get
      aggressive about it, to start spreading nonsense. Take me as
      an example. I lost about $40K just yesterday! But am
      I getting hostile? No way! You know that these
      companies are selling on hype only until (if, not when)
      they fulfill their extraordinary claims. It's just
      that AFFX has a much better hype crew.
      THESE guys
      might even add .com to their name if it's in the
      interest of the shareholder.
      The INCY holder should be


      Do you have some problems reading, HOX, or did you
      simply jump on the INCY bandwagon just to post this one

      But frankly, I don't understand your request.
      Ignoring me is as easy as not clicking on that underlined
      title under which you find written (in a slightly
      smaller font, it is true) "suckerally". Just for you,
      I'll include an example


      ignore me, again. <=== this is the 'clickable' title.
      DO NOT CLICK!!!
      04/13/99, 8:49AM EDT, suckerally
      <=== this is the author. SUCKERALLY?! WHOA =>

      NOw, given that it's THAT easy to ignore me, I really
      wonder why you aren't IGNORING me already.

    • No, I do not believe I need to revisit my
      My prediction still stands.
      I believe we will
      see 12 1/2 by the end of July.

      Now let's hear
      YOUR prediction.

      PS: Don't worry. I'll stay
      around. I'm not like the longs. If I were to lose, I'd
      congratulate you guys.

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