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  • suckerally suckerally Apr 20, 1999 9:13 AM Flag

    Whoa, enormous BUYING opportunity. Or ?

    I've been busy these last few days in adding a
    couple of Yahoo aliases to congratulate myself with my
    own posts and sharp foresight on this board. But I
    see that it did not help in wising up the dumbos.
    Dumbos? Who are the dumbos? Well, in this post I will use
    the term 'dumbos' to refer to the longs, of course.
    Because who's been losing his/her shirt these last few
    months? Well, yeah, it's been the longs. The
    self-proclaimed super-smart in-the-know ivory-tower PhD crowd.
    Yeah. They had some problems interpreting a news
    release recently, but that's because they're very nervous
    these days. The margin calls started coming in. The
    post-graduates had gone a little too long on INCY at bargain
    basement $40 prices. It was supposed to have been a
    'bottom'. Then $30. It was a bottom, too. Then $25. Another
    Now $21. Yep. These people are Real Smart.

    It's been clear for some time that those who think
    they are very clever indeed have, in fact, no clue
    when it comes to investing. You don't wonder why INCY
    fails to deliver with that kind of PhDs.
    Now, some
    PhD's again believe that the low, low stock price means
    that we have an article on sale here! So there we go
    In at $20, out at 12 1/2. Isn't it sad?

    Yes, it's sad. Very sad.

    But I'll try to
    explain it one more time for those lucky enough to still
    be on the right side of the buying

    Look guys, this company is making products that are
    being phased out. In three years nobody will think of
    INCY databases. In addition, INCY's pathetic patent
    portfolio that is promising unlimited profits according to
    the dumbos, is, in fact, falling apart even before
    they've earned a dime from it. Or before they've had to
    defend it in court. Even worse, the competition has more
    money to spend, does a better job at PR and in general,
    has credibility that blows away the fraud-invested
    millionaire clowns that continue to successfully misguide the
    last few remaining INCY longs into believing that they
    are working for the investor. Barring the dumbos the
    entire world understands these crooks by now. They've
    been lining their pockets with investor money. Now the
    world is dumping this company. Soon the leeches will
    jump and will start another biotech fraud. And don't
    worry, Alex Brown and Hamquist are already lining up as
    sponsors to squeeze some more dollars out of that juicy
    investor community. But first they will have to downgrade
    INCY to hell.
    Stong Buy!!!! Yeah right. Check your
    brain first, then fork over your hard-earned money to
    these white-board criminals.

    Today, nobody wants
    to own paper in a company that is sucking millions
    of dollars of cash to duplicate public-domain
    efforts. (In fact, that's what they claim they are doing -
    but we don't really know if they are actually doing
    it. Millions of dollars might be ending up in very
    different places)
    Nobody wants to invest in an outfit
    that promises, then promises some more, then changes
    promises, then changes strategy, then delivers nothing.

    Except, of course, the dumbos.

    In truth, I feel
    sorry for those that bought high. Buying high and
    selling low is not good. But it's still better to buy
    high and sell low than buy high and face Chapter 11.
    So get out today because it may well be your last
    chance at this price.
    Don't believe me? No problem.
    Just hold and wait.

    After all, it's your

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    • Incyte is not too strong on the PR site. I hope
      it will get better� I am loosing a lot of money on
      Incyte and do not understand why the stock is going
      Incyte has a number of good products and many talented
      people to move it forward.
      1. Incyte databases have a
      lot of value (some day the royalties will be coming
      2. Incyte/Synteni Microarrays is a proven technology
      that many Pharmaceuticals are committed to. Incyte
      clones on Synteni chips is a valuable proposition.
      Incyte has the most powerfull data center and
      bioinformatics in the industry.
      4. Incyte sequencing
      facilities are outstanding and should allow them to sequence
      Genome a head of the competition. I believe they are
      also doing a lot of contract sequencing, etc.
      Incyte also owns Genome Systems (Consumer Genomics) and
      Hexagen (SNP)
      I do not understand why Incyte stock is
      so low. It should be at least at $40 based on the
      competition stock prices and probably even higher since the
      integrated solution should have the higher value.

    • If you're listening, I believe it is time to have some communication with shareholders. An interview, perhaps. We need some information about what's going on.

    • of Suckerally or anyone else. You're pissed
      because he is absolutely correct and his posts are both
      witty and informative. Ergo, readers look for him.
      Yours, however, are to be shunned. They are boring,
      bitter and almost always wrong--about everything. Do
      yourself a favor, read Suckerally's posts and learn from
      them. Or, even better, just don't post. You're

    • Says who a court ruled in favour of PKN? I didn't
      see any press release and Nycomed's stock has not
      fallen. I thought Amersham would beat Perkin Elmer based
      on the dying patent for their sequencer. Maybe I am
      wrong. I am wrong so much I own Perkin Elmer and Nycomed
      stock (and Incyte and Human Genome and a ton of
      others). Go genomics in general and Incyte in

      PS. Didn't we beat expectations with those earnings?
      There was good revenue growth as well. This is one hell
      of a dog of late. I have a friend who works there
      and they are not worried from a business perspective,
      but Wall Street does look too fondly on Incyte these

    • "An AB Biotech spokesman said: "Should the patent dispute proceed to trial, we firmly believe that AP Biotech will prevail on PE Biosystems' claims." Back to the PE-Corp board with you..

    • See news - INCY downgraded. Obviously, beating
      earnings isn't the focus of the earnings report. Long term
      legal battles will keep this stock down for quite some
      time. Suckerally is absolutely right - there's better
      ways to make money than to philosophize about the
      potential of a company.

    • Why should he say anything nice about the
      company? He does not hold the stock, he is short the
      stock, and although he has as much vested interest in
      the success of the company as you do, the nature of
      this interest is quite a bit different.

    • Several days ago, a court ruled in favor of
      Perkin Elmer on a patent infringement lawsuit against
      Amersham. As you know, INCY is heavily invested in the
      MegaBace sequencing system. Will this ruling adversely
      effect the ability of Amersham to support the MegaBace
      hardware already in place?? Is an injunction likely to
      follow?? Do the consequences of this decision have the
      potential to adversely effect the seqencing operations of
      INCY?? At the very least if would appear that INCY
      placed it's bet on the wrong horse.

    • Yea they beat earnings but they also scaled back on their year end revenue projections. I've bought in the mid twenties and getting ready to cut my losses in the upper teens.

    • Suckerally. As often as I have read these posts,
      I don't think I have ever heard you say anything
      good about this company. Why then do you hold shares
      of it's stock? If it really is such an awful
      investment why don't you dump? Just curious? Or is it maybe
      that in the long run you feel that the company has a
      good future outlook and you don't want to miss the

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