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  • hox11 hox11 Aug 9, 1999 11:16 PM Flag

    Incyte diversification

    Apparently Incyte is branching out into written

    My personal favourite in their recent patent awards
    is US patent #5,932,443: "Human antigens". In this
    inspired work, sequences pulled from a lung and bladder
    expression library are discussed in a fairy-tale like patent
    describing the many potential applications for a sequence
    that one knows NOTHING about, but can express, raise
    antibodies against, use as a spread on crackers, lubricate
    pistons, and could well be a better mousetrap!

    As a
    scientist, I find this all objectionable and

    As a human, I find it hilarious.

    As an
    investor, I hope they have a policy of making new,
    *applicable* patent applications once they have some clue what
    the gene in question might do. I can imagine Incyte's
    lawyers cringing at the prospect of defending such a
    patent in court...

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    • NY Times will do for a stock. INCY sits at 25 for months, then the NY Times article, then this up tick on the stock. IMHO INCY needs more of this kind of press.

    • Overall a good article with some ups and downs
      vis-a-vis Incyte. ANY pubilicity would be good now. They do
      expect stock price to go year! One statement
      by Whitfield a bit wierd, maybe taken out of
      context, talking about how Incyte management might have
      even believed at one point that LifeSeq was
      dead....then catches himself to say they have re-signed all
      their customers etc. Could we see 30 tomorrow? expect
      high volume.

    • Article (+related articles) in the New York Times (Free registration):


    • The number of shares that insiders have been
      selling are VERY weird. 177 , 1,842 , 288 , 4 , etc. Most
      of them are small and odd amounts, as if employees
      are leaving and cashing out of their Stock ownership
      plans or something.
      Most other companies sales are
      in round lots. Any explanation ?

    • as a scientist.

      a scientist explore the
      keeping an openmind is the #1 criteria of a

      you should know better to make a claim you couldn't
      up. Unless you are omniscient you don't know that
      patents are useless.

      P.S. most *scientist* take
      pride in their profession.
      They wouldn't brand
      themselves as a generic scientist.
      They would state their
      For example: I am a biochemist and computer
      scientist, my specialty is applying three dimensional
      computer imaging software
      to help other *scientists*
      better understand molecular structures
      and how it
      affect their interaction with other molecules.
      what make it *flip* ;>)

      • 2 Replies to zzou
      • >keeping an openmind is the #1 criteria of a

        I strenuously disagree. I know many open minded
        lunatics, and several very effective scientists who are
        very linear thinkers.

        >you should know
        better to make a claim you couldn't back
        Unless you are omniscient you don't know that
        >patents are useless.

        Was something lost in the
        translation? In my earlier message I expressed an *opinion*
        that some of INCY's patents were so hilariously vague
        and demonstrated such a total ignorance of gene
        function that they would be easily superceded by a
        competing claim. I don't think that requires

        Perhaps you don't find the construction of a lengthy
        patent around a single protein sequence and *no* idea of
        gene function funny, but I think I'm entitled to my
        own sense of humour. ;-) The particular patent I
        referenced ("Human antigens") is full of amusing what-if
        scenarios like: "Hey, maybe it's a surface marker! Maybe
        it's a receptor! Maybe it does ten other things! Maybe
        not! Maybe we should inhibit it! Maybe we should
        upregulate it! Maybe we can use it to build space shuttles!
        Maybe it'll whiten your teeth!" ;-) Funny stuff, but
        not terribly scientific...

        >P.S. most
        *scientist* take pride in their profession.
        wouldn't brand themselves as a generic
        >They would state their specialty.

        Um... it
        isn't always necessary to explicitly state your
        profession, you know. For the purposes of my discussion, it
        is sufficient that I am a scientist; I think a
        physicist or chemist would be equally amused by the weird
        collision of patent law and genetics. If - for some
        unfathomable reason - you insist that I state my credentials,
        I hold a PhD in molecular genetics and am currently
        post-doc'ing my way towards fame and fortune

        >For example: I am a biochemist and computer
        scientist, my >specialty is applying three dimensional
        computer imaging >software

        Ugh... you structural
        guys. Years of hard work and big promises, but you
        still can't predict how *any* protein will fold. ;-) I
        bet we'll have cured cancer before you have a decent
        thermodynamic protein model! :-)

      • I love dogs but this is ridiculous. Stays around
        $25 give or take a few points. Can't go long or
        short. These guys seem to be stretched too thin. Jack of
        all trades master of none. and boy did they overpay
        for Synteni. My Affx stock has tripled! Just sold
        some to get in on the Curagen game. Lets see, first
        management went down the tubes with Invitron, now ?????? Is
        that why they put in the poison pill? Want some
        management input? check out Steve Push on the GLGC board.
        These guys are in the middle of what Andrew Grove
        (Intel) calls an inflection point. My take: get out of
        chips and more into Diadexus; thats where the money
        will be.

    • TPADA has been very volatile lately. something is
      going on here. at 7.5
      cents right now, should see 20
      cents again in next day or two. with
      who knows how high this could go (it was trading at
      $5+ a
      little over a year ago). enjoy the ride up.

    • INCY should be signing up smaller biotechs to
      their databases, in the coming quarters. Which will pay
      higher royalty rates.... whenever that'll be.
      I can't
      imagine what else might drive INCY up much in the next
      couple of years. It seems like the real good news is
      several years away. Quarterly losses as far as the eye
      can see.
      Or maybe plenty of good things are going
      on now and management is too busy or doesn't give a
      damn about letting us know.

      It seems
      increasingly clear that there's better biotech investments
      elsewhere. I may sell my last bit of INCY soon. If there is
      major good news, then I'll get back in. It might even
      be cheaper a year or two from now.

    • I don't know what to think regarding INCY
      anymore. It is fair to guess that HGSI, AFFX, and MLNM
      will outperform Incy since by any measure over the
      past 8-12 months they have smoked INCY.
      I used to
      think that INCY had the inside track over each of those
      other three, but not anymore. I am worried that the
      market sees something I don't regarding INCY since I've
      been long INCY for 1 1/2 years. It sure is frustrating
      to watch HGSI jump, Affx rocket and MLNM march
      forward while INCY lags behind.
      I'm still long, but
      not so strong--lately.
      Any fresh INCY

    • Am I the only one that thinks INCY's peer group
      will outpreform it? Affx in gene chips, and HGSI and
      MLNM in pharmicogenomics. It seems the positive news
      flow out of these already leaves INCY far behind. As
      for INCY databases, will they ever see growth again
      with the SNP consortium and human genome project in
      play? I used to be bullish on INCY, can someone remind
      me why this company is a gem?

      Neither long
      nor short,

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