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  • edsullivan10 edsullivan10 Feb 10, 2000 5:07 PM Flag

    NEWS excerpts......

    Excerpts from WSJ.....

    In 1994, Pfizer
    agreed to pay $25 million over three years to
    nonexclusively, to the company's gene catalog. Another drug
    company soon
    To expand that catalog
    faster, Incyte hired some engineers from PE
    Norwalk, Conn., maker of the DNA-sequencing machines. The
    laser scanners and customized software, boosting the
    machines' output
    They also began helping
    another manufacturer design a faster sequencer.
    built a robot, nicknamed Zippy, to purify samples,
    replacing 30 technicians
    slashing costs.

    More drug companies signed up. (Incyte became
    profitable in 1997 and 1998,
    though it lost money again
    last year, on revenue of $157 million, as
    heavily to ramp up its gene-hunting effort.) The drug
    companies brought in
    than money. They also
    provided advice about priorities and contributions
    Incyte took special requests. AstraZeneca
    PLC wanted a library of
    genes, so
    Incyte built one. A former head of biological science
    says half of the drugs in its research pipeline now
    trace, at least
    to Incyte's data.

    Best to all

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    • <EOM>

    • I am asking nicely

    • If you discuss stock by calling others to
      their shares everyday, what kind of discussion is
      I am not upset at all with all the shorting, in
      fact I am happy to see more activity with the stock
      and that all drive up the price for my INCY shares.

      My prediction is that you lost all your
      and are scared of this upward trend.

    • The stock is trading lower, much lower than it
      should be the value of INCY within this sector,
      "BIOTECS" is about to be recognized.

      The only
      thing...... on a stock that has just had some exposure as
      INCY has.....If you look at the "competition"
      .....There is much more upside room for Incy, it is
      undervalued as it has functional revenue producing "Keys"
      that can be easily grasped and understood


    • people do not like to short. In fact, I am long
      on most of the stocks. But I do sometimes short on
      certain stocks at a certain time.

      As you guys
      agree that to short is no worse than to long. If you
      have a chance to take a look at how fund managers
      trade, you'll see that shorting a stock is so

      Have strong nerves, my longs. Do not retort back to
      short messages. You may be losing a chance to make more
      money. To short is just another chance to invest. If you
      cannot accept short, do not blame me of saying you are
      "stubborn". Do not retort back just because you do not want
      to sell your holding at this time. Any stock has to
      take a break on its way up more. And that's the chance
      to short it.

      My sons, grow up fast with
      flexible mind and strong nerves! Money will be yours!

    • You do not have a head at all. We are discussing
      stocks, and you are scolding others.

      That you are
      long does not mean others cannot post messages about
      shorting. Why are you so upset at shorting messages? Are
      you confident with yourself? I would say you are
      scared by the messages so you have to scold to encourage
      yourself. What a mental loser! Get out of this board!

    • as many times as you want. If you lost your shirt you will call yourself stubborn.

    • I am also stupid, too. It's up to you.

    • Who is always correct? You decision tells to
      short, then you short. If your sense tells you to long,
      you long. I thought it was good to short at 155. I
      was wrong. So I bought INCY today. Then I think 190
      is good to short. So I posted my thought. I may be
      wrong again tomorrow. So what? You change your mind
      when you see your mistake!

      Do you think your
      stubborn long on a stock is smarter than I? Be flexible,
      be with the trend. We are sharing ideas. We are not
      betting who will be correct and who will be wrong. You
      naughty little, always ready to fight! Not good.

    • These boards really suck lately.

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