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  • libertolaw libertolaw Feb 21, 2014 1:02 PM Flag

    Debunking Seeking Alpha on Patents

    Apparently Seeking Alpha is advising that plant derivative pharmaceuticals cannot be patented and, therefore Sativis is not an intellectual property asset. Not true. All opiates such as morphine and other like anesthetics are derived from the opium poppy. In fact, many patented pharmaceuticals are derived from plant extracts and are protected. While pure extracts cannot be patented, compounds can. The product is not merely pot juice. Easily patentable.

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    • The author also uncovered something else that nobody else knew:

      "Moreover, in the Ames trial, several of the CBD-treated patients suffered from adverse drowsiness (being stoned) that would prevent them from functioning normally on a daily basis, which further calls into question the viability of this purported potential treatment option."

      I had always heard that CBD has no psychoactive properties, so how did the the patients "get stoned"?

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      • Everyone is different, Depending on the dosage, other factors apply here, were the patients truly zero scale baseline on CBD only or are they taking other medications. Do they Drink alcohol? If I have a busy stressed day and after taking CBD I do get drowsy, especially if I am hyper sensitive and my liver is very active. I am allergic to penicillin , aspirin, ibruprophen and other NSAIDS. I do not have any adverse reactions to CBD and I have been taking it for over a year now for severe muscle spasms pain and swelling. My life has become active again with no spasms, pain or swelling.

    • dont expect much form SA

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      • Pharmaceuticals frequently make people feel "stoned." Sativix is not aspirin or ibuprofen. It is a depressant like codeine, morphine, sleeping pills, all of which have depressive effects. Doctors prescribe pharmaceuticals knowing that the negatives of the side effects, no matter what they are, are outweighed by the benefits of the drug. That's the call a prescribing doctor makes. In this case, it's better for a patient to feel drowsy than to be tormented by uncontrollable seizures. It's a balancing act. This stock will fly once FDA approved. It's the government's only alternative to the sham of "medical" mj. It will be in their wheel house, regulated and controlled. Doctors likewise do not want to prescribe joints and patients do not want to smoke their medicine.

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