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  • rexobxip rexobxip Mar 24, 2014 10:41 AM Flag

    The board has gone silent

    I am long, but struck by the fact that all the supporters of this company have disappeared/gone silent. Thoughts anyone?

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    • I'm one of the ones that's gone silent. 2 days after the CNN special it became clear to me that any runup due to that exposure had already happened in the days leading up to it and that a pullback was in order. I was also concerned that the CNN special left me feeling very mixed about GW's possible price growth in the next 6 months (my speculation window). Dr Gupta made it clear GW was doing amazing things but followed that up with some very real problems GW would have getting 1 US federal organization (FDA) to approve medical use of a drug that another US federal organization (DEA) claims has zero medical benefit. I'd originally planned to hold GWPH for at least 6 months but this really threw a bucket of ice water on my enthusiasm for another 30% price runup in my window. Yes, public opinion is changing things but I don't believe the US federal gov't would move quick enough for me to take advantage of that.

      I'd gone from $65.50 to $85+ in about 3 wks and decided I wasn't willing to sit through a pullback so I pulled the sell trigger at $79. I believe GW has a bright future for going long but that it simply lies outside my time frame. Best of luck to all.

    • Really confused. Even if the market had an overall green day, would the price per share increase? My cost basis is 63 and I'm starting to wonder why this hasn't closed positive in over a week?

      Sentiment: Buy

    • This thing goes down a lot faster than it goes up. Ugly chart it looks broke unless it reverses. No support from the Brokerage's that was pumping it all the way up either.

    • this dip has hurt bad. you're not worried here obviously. long run we are fine right?

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