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  • jmatson.rm jmatson.rm May 16, 2004 12:21 PM Flag


    The Bowser Report selected WSCI as it's company of the month for May.
    That explains the after hours move in price on Friday.

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    • Please forgive my sarcasm, inetprophet, but I think you're nuts.

      Why in the world would Taglich and his buddies want to destroy a tiny upper-Midwest contract manufacturer, even if they could somehow do it by the sort of machinations you suggest? Taglich no longer has a financial interest in the stock. His friends are surely not short the stock.

      You might have very limited horizons and lots of time to spend on the kind of stuff you write about--and some reason to enjoy doing so. I doubt that they do.

      So helpme_hanna

    • You're a basher and like all bashers, you're full of shit. No sense in responding because you're going on ignore now.

      Folks, inetprophet is a total waste of time.

    • 9000 shares for sale at the ask. people, people have been front running taggy's friends. Tag's friends need to get out too. People know this. Haven't ya noticed. Been going on since Tag resigned with no plausible reason from him or the company. That is somewhat unusual and sets off a chain of events regarding supply and demand.

      Stop thinking like a retailer. They are not trying to take your money, they don't care enough about you. They are taking care of making their own money (and will use you and any edge/angle to do so) and satify their own ego and reputation to pave the way for more influence later. Sorry to be so jaded, but it is no secret. I know a lot of these people in various capacities, on the Street. You just need to be here for a little while and it is almost transparent. Nothing cloak and dagger, just business... with the players keeping their intentions close to the vest cause their money or strategy is on the line. However, those who weild the most influence (or cash) also are privy to the most info. Remember the MM sees all the orders including the hidden limit ones from influencial people. The MM has relations with certain people or firms cause they conduct business with them frequently. Questions like... how long would it take to get rid of 100K shares of WSCI... can begin a whole series of info exchanges that alter the supply and demand picture well before joe blow figures it out.

      Hope you understand that I'm just trying to have some fun with this, create awareness (maybe eventually a bullish counter attack) and out the MF's for trying to manip, what ultimately is and will continue to be, a super low volume microcap.

    • A link? Too funny. Yeah, Taglich and his Wall St firm put a link up disclosing their thoughts about WSCI. You are going to have to call around and network yourself. Probably not worth the effort if you are starting from scratch.

      hanna, I know you are sincere so forgive my sarcasm here. Its to make a point. Do you think Taglich and friends sit by their Etrade/ATrade/STrade screen watching the ticker?

      I hope you got the sarcasm. They are a NY firm, they have relations with many different trading desks, many hedge funds, many market makers, other brokers AND Clients. They use computers and formulas to place, set and pull orders. They have people at trading desks who have standing orders. Many options. It would take all of a few minutes work on their part. This stock trades only about a quarter million dollars total a day. Do you realize how low that is? How easy it would be to be the axe on this stock? Hold it down? Money, power, ego, future influence, the street, is what we are talking about. Not some virtuous not-for-profit fund raiser. BTW, what do you think the friends of Tag think about him liquidating? Think they might call him since he may have been one of the reasons for investment. You forget about how many people are involved and how many different motivations, strategies and perceptions exist. Open up your mind and stay humble.

    • "You think giving an ultimatum will get you more info?"

      O.K., I apologize for replying to you in a rude manner.

      Now that we've cleared that up, can you provide a link to the Taglich info you were talking about?

    • Its May 16 and they just recommended it for the month of May. Was this info released on Fri after the close ? Thats the only way this makes sense.

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