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  • itsposttime1 itsposttime1 Mar 28, 2012 12:15 PM Flag

    What's it gonna take?

    What will it take for this stock to go up and I don't mean up 20% and down 15% tomorrow? If their really doing that well, what prevents a major move and most importantly volume?

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    • let's be patient...very soon it will be over $6.00. We will see new high toward next earning.

    • I've maintained positions in this stock of varying sizes for a long time (over 10 years). It is definitely thinly traded and thus volatile.

      Demand is the key to building and holding the stock price, following are a few ways to stimulate demand:
      1) Grow business (consistently deliver profit over years, Increase the net profit)
      2) Payback stockholders (consistently pay and increase the dividend--but don't payout so much that liquidity suffers)
      3) Lower Risk (Diversify products, additional customers, have unique products that competitors in China and Mexico cannot efficiently copy)

      There has been some progress in these areas over the last year, and if they keep it up then the price will climb--likely in small jumps. Barring bad news (aforementioned risk), I would call for $7/share by late summer and possibly beyond by EOY. Unless profits pan out better-than-expected (and it is hard to set expectations with the guidance from mgmt), then I would call 2-digit prices exuberant.

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      • Animal:

        Believe it or not, I've been involved with this stock for over 25 years...not proud just saying.

        A consistent problem with WSCI is results have been consistently inconsistent...a good quarter followed by a fair quarter followed by a terrible quarter...rinse and repeat.

        I believe this has been a result of their inability to consistently (there's that word again) win new business from new accounts. This fact has prevented them from reaching critical mass whereby a program ending and/or customer loss doesn't decimate earnings.

        It APPEARS that Ben R has a different view on the topic than previous CEOs and has invested in sales resources (??) to address this chronic company issue. If he has and if they can win new business on a regular basis then the company and the stock price will prosper.

        The type of mfg that wsci does is not a business with large company competition for the very reasons that wsci has struggled over the years. It is also not the type of business that potential customers will outsource internationally as it is low volume/high precision.

        So the business opportunities are there...the question is can wsci consistently execution?

        Best of luck to the longs!


      • The only thing you forgot is the stock split.

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