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  • edmolnar edmolnar May 5, 2014 11:43 AM Flag

    This POT Thing will never work

    forget it. legalizing this drug for recreational use is a very bad idea. medical reasons yes i see some benefits but not for recreational. we have enough #$%$ in the country all ready we don't need to manufacture more.

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    • It doesn't really matter what we think about pot. Cigarettes cause tens of thousands a deaths each year, but they have always been legal and ugly. Investments in cigarette companies have historically been one of the best investments ever and paid great dividends. Over 30 years Phillip Morris was number one on the NYSE for total returns with #2 being worth only 1/2 as much. Philosophically, pot is #$%$ and worse than dangerous. As a business or investment---legally---it looks great, and we are in on the ground floor. Just look how much money was made when it was (most areas still is) illegal. Decide which is more important. Your wallet or your conscious. On the plus side, just think and plan about all the good things you can do for other people when you have the $$$ to do so.

    • I'd think that if some of the people were not worried about law trouble they would choirs pot over a lot of the other bad ones we have too much of. Addicts can hide blow and pain pills a lot easier than they can hide when they are stoned. Those that want to have a buzz, will have one, but giving them the option to use the least harmful method seems the lesser of all the evils. I think too many people drive inefficient SUVs, but companies keep coming out with other options, that waste just as much gas. Are you worried stoners will make our country worse? How will the allowed use effect you? Possibly not at all, you just want to reject it because you don't need it or like it. I can't know for sure, you might have your reasons and that's just fine. Are you a patriot, yet dislike many of the people living in it. If you care about others, why not let them have their fun?

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    • ok, evidence suggests you are wrong. florida is about to vote yes in 6 months.

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