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  • growthandvaluestocksequalwealth growthandvaluestocksequalwealth Sep 13, 2011 10:51 AM Flag

    Why isn't Al buying like the rest?

    T Paul stepped up 1st. Then Burt Adams, Walter W. and 2 others. It would be nice to see the CFO back up his "Christmas present" talk. I realize he already owns a sizable chunk but it would be another sign of faith in the co.'s near-term prospects and another warning sign to the ridiculous # of shorts (aka vultures) feasting on this alive and kicking co.

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    • I started to get worry a little after seeing selling pressure after selling pressure. Someone wants to drop this bad. We should have seen some kind of recovery by now.

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      • Get over it. It's fairly obvious the whole market has been in a tailspin for quite awhile now. If your that nervous pull out and get on the sidelines. GLTA.

        It could just be Al has other commitments on his money. Insiders not buying has no effect on the company whatsoever. Now, insiders purchasing heavily should have an effect, in a normal market but we all know this has not been a normal market for a very long time now. GLTA.