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  • bullbreeder bullbreeder Oct 2, 2011 8:33 PM Flag

    Longs vs shorts imho

    The shorts have alot of ammo at the present. The markets and economy are fttted up big time. The price of commodities and assetts are falling and total debts are rising. The only out for the above is inflation. The whole world is taking up q/e by pushing cheap money out to the world. This in the end will be the sweet spot for longs. Assets and commodities will start to RIse and get additional fuel from the shorts covering. I expect to see the ppt team out soon putting a floor in the market. Now will this help o/g co. Not at 1st but with cheap gas the American consumer ,the engine of the world, will be out in force spending. This wil crank the whole cycle again pushing oil back towards new highs. The other thing longs in the oil biz has is a finite resource on their side.

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