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  • desperatca desperatca Dec 2, 2011 2:22 AM Flag

    Why this could be huge:

    i know i know i knowwww (@old guy dont remember yr name).. dont put me to sleep with that same ol lame i cant do it so you can't either speech.. 2 little winning stocks a week going up 20 cents - 60 cents and you could never do something that simple.. i know old fool.. i already know most people cant do it and you're one of them... tell you what i tell everybody else

    just been blessed with a whole lot more common sense than the average below average thinking person.. easy for me... not that hard.. for you... yep sounds like it would be *snorrre*

    i would copy and paste my portfolio up on here again but dont give a crap.... go look for it in my past messages.... its there

    anyway next (before i fall asleep on that same ol whine and cry from the thousandth loser who doesnt know how to pick winning stocks)

    most people probably dont have a large amount of money to reduce their risk so they stay in stocks longer than they have to... was lucky to inherit my portfolio with already $50,000 in it (split 50/50 with my sister)... most people have to start with a lot less so i guess they think they have to wait forever on a stock .. doesn't matter how much you have .. no matter what it is.. you would still double triple your earnings just by getting in and out of the right stocks 2 or 3 times a week.. theres thousands of them out there.. not hard to find em (if yr not a below average thinker... that leaves most of u all f +++ed.. i already know)

    just feel blessed that i'm this one with you... my stocks always profit so you've got nothing to worry about... more proof for you ;o/~

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    • Why would one assume that another has only one stock or might never trade some shares in that or in other holdings?

      I am holding ATPG because I believe it tremendous potential and now with the new well coming on has passed to danger zone caused by the moratorium.

      ATP with $12.77 revenues per share and with RPS going to near $20 by end of 2012 and then to over $30 RPS with Octabouy in production has great PPS potential.

      By then 2013-14 ATP could be at $80 or $90.

      One stock?
      I have 11 holdings at this time including one 6 banger and two 3 bangers.

      Over the years I have had a few 10 baggers including Compaq bought for $14 sold it for $140 about the time Dell was just getting in the news.

      Others good for me were Baxter and Biogen although I did not hold them for the full run.

      A better question would be “Why does someone who doesn’t like a stock come to a message board often with a number of names to post negative comments except to short it?

      I never bash a stock that I don’t own and rarely bash one that I do own because the shorters can’t discuss topics without being bias on the down side.

    • Like I said dumbo, do you really think that anyone cares about your trading prowess. Sounds like you have a major case of NPD! You do know what NPD is, don't you? LOL.