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  • chriskazoo2003 chriskazoo2003 Jun 14, 2013 10:19 AM Flag

    Let's talk about 1.98 MUSD order as well - interesting it's smattering of different products. You guys see that as good news

    is the Navy looking to outfit broad array of their vessels with LRAD's - I thought the main stay in the navy was the RX which at 100K a pop 2MUSD is only 20 of them on the larger vessels. I thought the coast guard woudl mainly use the smaller ones for coastal patrol, etc.

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    • Of course it's good news. There will be plenty more coming from that contract too. Brown was very optimistic during the conference call that the sales pipeline looked good - better than in a long time. The government can have their sequester, budgets can be tight, but at some point they have to make purchases because they aren't going to do without.

      Further, I am very confident that we are going to begin seeing more international sales - it's only a matter of time.

      The company has cast a wide net, there's been time for having proposals out there, and the sales are going to come.

      I'm confident you're going to see shares trading above your cost basis chris - just a bit more patience.

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