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  • jstmymny jstmymny Nov 22, 2013 10:33 AM Flag

    Volume is huge .. 8x's avg so far .. but!! we are not holding

    it just shows that may are still wanting out ... we had large premarket activity ..opened with a tremendous thrust .. but it quickly fizzled ... management be get some orders announced real quick .. traders are not fully convinced .. to little to late could be the story

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    • Profit taking is to be expected; but after a few quarters forward, we will look back and wonder why we didn't buy more at this level. Those who have sold today will kick themselves. The cc has laid out two strong growth factors that will drive this one up in the long run- China purchase and the mass notification market. Patience is required on this low float stock.

      This stock is NO LONGER about the large military orders everyone is expecting. The mass notification market has broken new ground for this company to generate strong sales. Those old horn speakers will be rendered obsolete the way VHS was replaced by DVD.

      In other words, $LRAD business model has shifted to a new paradigm. Don't be surprised if Federal, Whelen and Siemens are contemplating in making a bid for $LRAD. Jeez, the company is so cheap in term of market cap that either one of the buyers can easily make up for the cost of purchase with strong sales on the mass notification market usingLRAD's technology.

      Of course, all IMHO.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • I agree that they are a target to be bought out. My industry always demands best available technology for safety reasons and I have to think politicians and government agencies in general are VERY focused on saving as many lives as possible during weather events. I wish they would develop a $1500 product a la an LRAD-lite that is more portable and an upgrade from current bullhorns. I assume its possible, maybe not but I think it would diversify into those day to day sales that can generate a few extra million in annual revenue.

    • Friday before Thanksgiving. Not much time left before the end of the year. Plenty of purchases in the ones, gotta pay for Christmas presents.
      Seriously though, I agree that they need to make announcements on some major orders to maintain this momentum. I get the hint from Tom that they should be in the black for the first quarter which would be helpful since traditionally their first quarters are inconsistent and rather flat. But the fact that they have good diversification into an established market means that they will have other people looking at them that had only previously followed the established players like Federal, Whelen and Siemens. And it certainly doesn't hurt that this market is expected to grow significantly in five years.
      If what they say is true about clarity and quality of sound, I'd like to see an organization write a white paper with real world comparisons of the 360 vs. their main competitors. That would gain some significant attention that is relatively free compared to paying a fleet of sales people.

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      • So the inside message of your post is that management needs to step up and change their methods of execution ... Brown is way to conservative so this will be a problem ... he thinks like old school and this has crippled our progress. I still strongly believe we need to get rid of Brown .. get someone with a lot of energy and forward ambitions ... I guess we will see how the new marketing guy pans out .. but so far all we have seen are meaningless PR's ... no orders!!

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