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  • cherryhilleye cherryhilleye Mar 12, 2013 12:55 PM Flag

    Great Quarter

    Very quiet on this board lately. The news is all positive.

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    • It was an amazing quarter! I can't believe the stock isn't pushing $7 today. Here's a post of mine with some of the CC highlights. I encourage everyone to listen if you haven't already.

      I substantially increased my RFIL position after the call and will gladly be accumulating below $6. The quarter was even better than I thought.

      There were $368K in 1-time charges in SG&A that won't repeat. That more than offsets the low tax rate. So the .19/share in earnings actually looks sustainable!

      They talked about how Q1 is seasonally the weakest quarter!! Think he said the quarters usually get better thru the year with Q4 being the strongest. Warmer weather means increased installations.

      Company is benefiting from growing wireless demand. Said something about the wireless buildout of all 4 carriers right now, which he's never seen before.

      The tone of the call was very positive. Heard him say great performance should continue and future brighter than ever. Ended the call with "look forward to a great year".

      It's a pity the stock is down (i guess) because their small RF wireless division will see a sequential decline. But guess saw a much larger decline from Q4 to Q1 and they STILL posted some monster numbers! RF wireless sales dropped sequentially from $1,253,000 to $614,000 while operating income dropped from $269,000 to $86,000. This division contributed less than .01/share to the .19/share in earnings. So I'm not sure why if that goes away it's the end of the world! And while they don't have any large orders yet, he mentioned some $60-$70K recent orders & sounded optimistic about getting more.

      I can't believe this stock isn't up 10-15% today. I've seen companies with lousy numbers do better than this. I'm buying. That was a blockbuster quarter. The performance of Optiflex and Cables Unlimited is fantastic. I think investors will start to appreciate these impressive Q1 results in the days/weeks to come, and the stock price will move up to the $7-$8 range

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      • Excellent quarter, I agree. Sales at 4Q levels is a surprise. Tower/antenna upgrades are always limited by winter weather, so OptiFlex should be improving as the year rolls on. Interesting that the remainder of CUI was up in the quarter. What I found surprising is that RF Connector sales were higher than 4Q RF Connector sales. That division is the usual reason that the 1Q is lowest of the year, as shipments of connectors and cables typically slow in Nov-Jan due to inventory adjustments, weather, holidays, etc. Bioconnect's strong period is the first half, but sales were fairly flat.

        My guess as to the stock's weakness is program selling. The major holder, Red Oak, has been a net seller at many prices in recent months and I would not be surprised to see another Form 4 or updated 13D filing shortly. Beyond that, I agree that holders are taking advantage of the liquidity event to lighten up their positions. Can't see how the Company can't manage $45-50 million sales and earnings over $0.70 per share this year.

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      • Really surprised no upgrades yet. Buy while you can at these levels - once the seller is exhausted should pop quick - getting close imho...

      • Excellent Q, agree should have closed at 7 today. Even if screw up somewhere this yr which I doubt , they will make 60 cents this FY, value at 12 X earnings and add $1 cash and get $8.20 fair value under my own bottom line assessment. BTW, you really should listen to CC as the last questions from that individual long time investor were unbelievably insightful if forced to give by bias opinion. I attribute high sell volume to some funds looking to cash out as I have said before many times, only at earnings can you get the liquidity to move large bids.

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