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  • jakeg69d jakeg69d Jun 12, 2013 12:08 PM Flag

    why didnt the price of this stock go up?

    The earnings report looked good too me, it showed growth
    Why did the stock price go down instead of up?

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    • Just more on why I think this company needs to vigorously pursue being acquired.... Today, with the Dow up big time, this stock is currently down 11%. It is probably down 20% from where it was 3 business days ago. Is this based on a bad earnings report? No. Was the company overvalued? No. It can barely hold a PE of 12. I have seen really lame companies with declining earnings hold a PE of 12. How is it possible with Hill openly stating that they are open to being acquired, with $1 a share of cash and a dividend at today's price of something like 4.5% we cannot hold a PE of 12??
      I would think reasonable INVESTORS would become more and more turned off to this company because of these whiplash moves. As more and more investors depart will the swings get even worse? Good grief. I will continue to stay in my position because I like the dividend, I think this company's products are good and their future is bright. But really, I am tired of this. If I wanted this I would buy LULU.
      Sorry for the rant everyone, I should express my feelings to Investor Relations rather than rant on the board.

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      • The problem is stocks under $10 attract a lot of small players that want to be traders even though volume suggests some bigger players involved. Also, this is a manufacturing company , not a tec company but believe many here judge by tec company metrics. What pushed it down was past Q to this Q comparison as down and next q will most likely be flat. This is a good Buffet type company but too small for big boys.

    • Because this company is so small, such a small float, I think traders have discovered they came really mess with it around earnings time. I think it gets worse every quarter. I also agree with the other poster who says the company has no clue on how to conduct a call.
      This company is too small to be public. I felt that years ago when they were having so much trouble finding the resources to deal with the newly instituted Sarbanes Oxley. The good news is that two conference calls ago, Hill stated that the company was open to being acquired. That is what needs to happen.

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    • because these guys have no clue on how to conduct a conference call. Enough with the winding down of the fire department contract. It barely even impacted the first quarter. They make is sound like a big deal.

    • RFIL trades like the wind. There are no metrics, analysis, or reasons. I doubt Red Oak would sell before the dividend and probably sees future appreciation in the stock. Plus , the type of volume is not indicative of institutional selling. Typically , RFIL rises just before the dividend date . Be happy it broke into the $ 7.00 range.

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    • Look at the volume: 4X normal. A large holder may want to liquidate. My guess is Red Oak Partners taking profits after their directors resigned. Note all the volume was early when the price plunged.

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