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  • amazingfaith amazingfaith May 30, 2000 7:05 PM Flag

    bobora.... define your position

    Your credibility shall suffer with me and
    possibly others on this board if in the event you choose
    not to answer these questions.

    i cannot
    understand why you continue to attack Onvia or whether you
    even hold shares currently. your answers to the
    questions will help define your position and give me a
    better understanding of your circumstance, and thus a
    better dialogue.
    so if you would, please answer the

    If you hold shares but believe price going down and
    will never recover, then sell it and move on instead
    of incurring further loss.

    If you believe
    stock price will continue to drop short term but rise
    at a future date, then sell short and buy back at a
    later "reduced" price thereby getting more shares for
    the same $investment.

    If you feel that this
    stock will be a long term winner like i do, then why
    the pessimism?

    What is your angle/strategy,
    are you a day trader that has lost money on this and
    are bitter? what are your current holdings, and what
    was your entry price on ONVIA?

    I will reply
    to your questions. will you reply to mine. im sure
    that the board would be interested to

    p.s. My beliefs are separate from my stock holdings of
    companies i choose and are more relevant to my life
    decisions than any stock could ever become.

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    • As the kid says, Nanee nanee booboo

    • and move on to some other stock to short.

      how's dat for content? did i spell everyting wright?

    • in style. ICGE, ONVI, CMRC, ARBA all back with a vengeance. Up over 10% on a flat Nasdaq.

      We should see valuations rise to 50% of previous highs. You do the math.

    • messeges. Your wrong assumptions about who posts
      what is meaningless. Back to reality, What do you
      think about Onvia offering goods through Mercata? More
      volume, more exposure, but will it lead to a better
      bottom line? If Onvia is a middleman or intermediary in
      its regular business what does selling through
      Mercata make ONVI?

    • gooodexcuse,

      I don't concern myself with
      spelling and typos in email. Neither does anyone else who
      spends much time on-line. Content rather than

      As for saying I've posted "inaccurate statements
      about post of others", I don't know what you're talking
      about. Perhaps you're jumpy cause I may have pegged you,
      like others on some of these boards, as someone who
      uses more than one screen name.

      As far as
      sticking to "facts", I don't see any facts in any of your

    • 1. I am not bobo
      2. I never said ONVI had
      "nowhere (yes, that's one word) to go but in the toilet".
      I actually have said that, despite the negatives,
      it was probably not a bad bet at $5. I also have
      specifically said that some dotcoms were going to make a ton
      of money BUT some are not (please let me know if
      that seems to be an unreasonable statement).
      I know
      the impulse to act, and post (and structure your
      sentences) like a seven year old gets a bit overwhelming at
      times, but please try to restrain yourself. If you do
      have to post, try sticking to the facts instead of
      rants filled with inaccurate statements about the posts
      of others.

    • Bobo & GoodExcuse (one & the same),

      folks, ONVI's just got such terrible fundamentals, burn
      rates, margins, and oh those terrible interest rates. I
      think you're right - Onvi's just got no where to go
      along with all these other internet startups but in the

      Now, are you happy?

    • what bobo's motivations are, I think dismissing
      his posts as unsubstantiated bashing is way off the
      mark. You may not appreciate the tone of his posts, but
      burn rates, margins, interest rates, etc. are plain
      cold facts with direct bearing on the future of this
      company. It's a lot more "factual" stuff than the "good
      idea" "smart people" lines which seem to be the only
      support that the Pollyannas on this board cite.

    • As investors and contributors of usefull info re
      ONVI we care a great deal if we're having to have to
      sift through pages of useless negativity with no
      substantiation. Previously I backed up Amazing's request for an
      answer to her questions. Bobo called us a 'Duo'. Perhaps
      so to the extent that I found Amazing's posts
      constructive whereas Bobo's the opposite. I'm the 'long' one
      that can "afford to be". Didn't say anything about
      afford to 'lose' as Bobo elludes to.

      Enough of
      soap opera. I don't have any factual or helpfull ONVI
      news to share at this point but will when I do. Until
      then - happy trails to $18 and please, Bobo will you
      tell us what's your interest in ONVI!

    • I don't care what boboli's 'motivations' are for
      posting, and I wish he would tone down the bile
      content...BUT...he does make a point about negative margins and the
      internet economy and ONVI. Focusing on WHY he posts here
      isn't going to make his points more or less accurate.
      Who cares?

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