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  • lightdoesnotage lightdoesnotage Jun 26, 2014 10:12 AM Flag

    Gee the lawyers sure come out like roaches. Like 10 law firms scurrying about.

    I don't see these lawsuits ever really benefitting shareholders. It isn't like the money just magically appears even if they win. Most of the people who bought big during the class action timeframe are still holding shares. By the time the law firm takes it's 30% cut they will net lose money on the drop in current share price.

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    • It's all the same lawsuit and all the firms competing for the disgruntled shareholder. My experience is that the only one who comes out ahead in these actions are the lawyers, think John Edwards, they get dollars and the shareholders are luck to get pennies. And by the time you get done jumping through hoops to prove you are an aggrieved party you might have just enough to buy a meal at McDonald's.

    • No worries with the ambulance chasers....they always come out of the woodwork in these situations. It's easy $$$$ for them as ultimately they'll extort some $$$ from the co. coffers.

      It's normal.

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