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  • mikemakeavoice mikemakeavoice Jul 21, 2014 6:31 PM Flag

    this is the problem I have with buying ECYT before Aug 7 earnings

    I believe they will make 11 cent ($4M)
    But, nobody will care about that as forward guidance will lose more than that same amount.
    And, it will be apparent that the next few quarters are all losses.
    So, yes EPS will be good, but a bad forward guidance will keep this stock down.
    I think in a year or 2 when they finally recover and have a forward guidance profit again, then ECYT would be a buy.
    Right now should drop after earnings day, and drop again 3 months later on earnings, and again and maybe once more, than it will gap up when the forward guidance profit is coming.
    My prediction is 3-4 quarters from now ECYT goes up big, but right now I see it going down further or holding $6.
    Sorry Longs.... I hope I'm wrong for you guys.
    I'll be waiting to buy later, or miss the boat rather than risk a loss

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    • Is this your first day investing in penny biotech? You think you are smarter than any others who bought today? Penny biotech usually burns through cash, that's why they raise money every year. It is all about potential that trades. ECYT trades almost at cash assigning zero value to their P2 trials and P1 trials. All the bad news came and hit. It won't be too long before people realize that this thing is trading at cash and all those P2 and P2 trials are free give aways. How many biotechs do you know that has the same risk reward? Most have some trails and already trading at lofty expectations with little cash to speak of.

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      • I called and watched for DCTH to also keep falling, way below it's cash value.
        Guess what? It still keeps falling even though it's under cash value.
        You seem to think bad companies can't trade for less than cash. That is no safety net.
        There is plenty of room for ECYT to fall.
        There's cash of $2.99, Book Value of $2.42, Revenue $1.87, Enterprise Value of ~$3.12
        All of these numbers are possible bottoms on ECYT.
        I can point out a company that trades at each of these evaluations (or less).

    • Biotech is all about clinical trial result, cash will set a bottom, ECYT has both, on the date of earnings we will know if the single left treatment arm is still on going and when we will expect the event that will close the trial. An official cash per share $5.6 will be soon posted on every financial website, auto trading will jump on board based on the fundamental change. Then in a few months, you will get OS benefit result very likely exceed expectation, then maybe at the same time, a new partner is announced...

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