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  • ijwbhh ijwbhh Oct 6, 2004 11:20 PM Flag

    Look @ 5 day chart, Consolidation @ $37

    thanks for all of the bullshit numbers. lets see, #1. price to book of 18, WRONG, its lower.

    #2. Price to sales of 14.5, WRONG, its lower.

    #3. P/E ratio of 24. you know thats complete bullshit. you know their earnings will top $1.50 in the 2nd half of the year to bring the p/e below 10. and you also know their current p/e based on ttm is about 17.

    #4. report earnings semi-annually. WRONG. as of now they will report quarterly.

    #5. fleet capacity growth of 12% over the last 6 years. what is it the last 3 years? HIGHER.

    #6. EXM's competitors have grown 38% annually over the last 5 years. EXM's average growth is 6%. WHAT?? WRONG. try about 70% annually for EXM's growth.


    and, oh, by the way, their current ratio is 5.1-1. how many tanker companies can stake that claim? how many have a better balance sheet? VERY FEW.

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      Excel Maritime Carriers: Key Ratios

      Growth Rates
      Price Ratios
      Profit Margins
      Financial Condition
      Investment Returns
      Management Efficiency
      Ten Year Summary

      fyi Price Ratios Company Industry S&P 500
      Current P/E Ratio 49.9 16.3 20.4
      P/E Ratio 5-Year High 38.9 NA 64.8
      P/E Ratio 5-Year Low 1.0 NA 16.9
      Price/Sales Ratio 16.62 1.32 1.52
      Price/Book Value 30.91 1.74 2.94
      Price/Cash Flow Ratio 42.50 7.20 12.60

      Looks accurate to me. Nice try. His points are right on the money. If you want to catch the knife, wear metal gloves.