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  • play_tow play_tow Feb 2, 2007 11:15 AM Flag

    More record highs....

    EXM has broken a new 52-wk high today, and seems to be sitting ona tail wind of the Jefferies target $22.

    Its been some time since EXM traded above $20. One has to return to the time of their last secondary, when they offered new shares at about $25.

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    • Sure thing.

      FWIW, my only recommendation on superconductivity: do NOT invest in it--it's not investing.

      Stay far away from the likes of AMSC. (Not that anyone smart enough to be in dry bulk now would be stupid enough to also be in that one.)

      The only reason I was in IMGC was the MRI side--that made it a viable business. Was hoping that its YBCO tape would add significant value, but wouldn't you know, IMGC's biggest MRI customer bought 'em out.

    • Thanks for the offer, but you'll never get me on the road. (I used to play for Spinal Tap, and I'd rather have one than do that again.);-)

      The FL conference presentation might be worth a listen, once it's avail., thanks also for the link.

      Grew up in SE Mich., no lie. Little island at the mouth of the river. Couldn't wait to leave.

    • He recommended buying IIIN at the top at the beginning of last year. I rode it from 27 (after it screamed from 17 2 weeks earlier) to 43, go scared sold, watched it climb to 61 where Cramer recommended it and it then went to 65 to let all the lemmings in and then reported great earnings and thenp promptly took a nose dive. He is the perfect contrarian indicator. Do exactly the opposite of what he says or suffer the consequences.

    • I've got a private investment in the outpatient MRI/CT biz. Lets visit about anything that we come across that might be interesting.

    • Yeah, I hit on the screen name when I had an investment in Intermagnetics General, which made the guts for MRIs and was working on "high" temperature (-70C) superconductivity, before getting bought out by Phillips last year. You probably figured that the "Miesner Effect" is the (surmised) method by which electrons get shunted between atoms without energy loss, right?

      Right. Gold star for you.

      Gotta thank Phillips for buying IMGC, btw. Freed me up to hunt around for a better investment, and here I landed.

      I've been thinking about DRYS, but haven't been able to bring myself to pull the trigger. EGLE might not fly like one, but neither is it gonna sink like an old rust bucket holed by a burg.

      Good luck. Don't think you can go wrong in this segment right now. Question is simply which horse is gonna do you best. A wonderful problem to have.

    • I am thinking about signing up for the Anna Nicole Smith baby lottery. Everybody else is, and I am old enough to qualify. My chances of winning that one are probably better than making money in the stock market.

      You misunderstood about the chicken bones. It only works AFTER lunch is finished.

      The nice thing about multiple personalities is that you are never alone and you meet new people every day.

      Hey, maybe we should go on the road with this routine.

      Several shipping companies are presenting today, in Florida. This is the web site, but each presentation seems to be available only after it has ended. EXM is scheduled for 11:15 ET, but does not yet show as available.

      This low volume on EXM is hard to understand, but as long as the price keeps a steady pace I won't worry. It may just mean that the selling volume is drying up. This 9 month move by EXM seems to have legs. It seems more "healthy" to me for a stock to move in a well defined range. It could mean that the shares are moving into strong hands that will hold them for a longer term, perhaps to take advantage of the lower tax rates in 2008.

    • miesnereffect, thats what I did, ie rotate out of egle into drys, I'm thinking a potentially bigger pop over the next 4-5 mths.

      Curious about your screen name, something to do with electricity?


    • I'm afraid Dr. Yostman is just another persona in paradise. There's more in there--a Jamaican Rasta, a bluesman, a French employee of Disneyworld, the next faux aristocratic father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby--they just keep multiplying.

      So far, Uggh is the only one that's not quite ... modern.

      BTW, really liked your suggestion for Uggh's TA, using chicken bones. Only problem, he'll likely be forced to fall back on XXs and OOs around lunchtime.

      As for EXM, it's some sweet ride. Just need more VOLUME and all my personae, including Uggh, will be both happy AND relaxed!

    • you guys are too much. :)

      Can't argue about two abnormal days of hyper upward movement in price,,,,,,,,,,was in GSTL (got too crazy), then went over to DSX (gone nuts as well). Missed Bulk's recent run up. But, Uggg may have a point sometime in the "future."

      I figure EXM will be more stable,,,,,,,,,,,so much for stability.

      But, I am not complaining. It seems to be the most undervalued stock in this dry shipping space for now.


    • Yesterday, at $17, EXM made another 52 week high, beating $16.89 on 10/12/2005. Prior to that, highs were $17.18 on 6/17/2005, and $17.62 on 6/3/2005.

      For 2007 the PPS has gone up $.32, for the average week. The weekly increases were:
      If it stays on this trajectory, then it will reach $31.40 by year end. Since the bottom on 5/19/2006, at $7.30, the weekly gain has been $.25. On that trajectory the price would be $28.25 by year end.

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