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  • ckmb54 ckmb54 May 14, 2007 11:23 AM Flag

    Short Squeeze?EXM up again $1.10

    Volume 189,100

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    • You were saying?

      By the way, $29.75 was a 38.2% Fibonacci retracement from the all tim e high in Sep '04 and the low back in June '05.

      There's alot to be said for fibs.

    • there are so many, many stocks to short yet you are going to short a stock that has been so good to you? A stock that is in a sector that has been breaking records through the BDI, a stock now that has been a value play at best, more like the rodney dangerfield of stocks, and now is a momentum play, a stock that has a forward PE in the single digits? Have people forgotten how to pick stocks? Please Sir, for your own good don't bet money that this stock is going down.

    • the devourer is rebuked because I am tither and I know the name of God and keep his commandments. the devourer cannot touch any of my assets....including EXM!

    • as long as I am in this issue, the devourer will be rebuked!

    • I'm betting this is probably a good time to start getting short. When someone comes along and predicts a "target of 60" and that same person doesn't have a clue as to what a short squeeze is...... well....the dumb money is here gang and maximum pain is coming. BWTFDIK.

      Sorry flag, no offense intended.

    • I am on your side in this argument. If they are able to double in size by acquisitions and without much dilution, then $60 is not much of a stretch.

    • What on earth is "short sqeeze" Make a post with some information.

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      • Short Squeeze:

        "The pressure on short sellers to cover their positions as a result of sharp price increases or difficulty in borrowing the security the sellers are short. The rush to cover produces additional upward pressure on the price of the stock, which then causes an even greater squeeze. Also called squeezing the shorts."

        It seems to me that many more squeezes are anticipated than ever happen.

    • Incredible volume today. Only bulker that did fairly well today. Something must be up!!!

      I am surprised that no announcement has surfaced concerning earnings. I hope they have a PR tomorrow with an earnings announcement later in the week. I have sold about 20% of my original holdings but still am nervous of any accounting irregularities, shady dealings, etc. Did you see what happened to OPBL.OB this week??? You never know what stock could get struck with total disaster (including EXM).

      Also thinking about selling more and moving to OKN. Their 'affiliate' must be getting ready to pull the trigger on something.

      Good luck to all longs...

      Note - sold some today at Honest's low end of his original range ($27.99).

    • If this isn't a short squeeze or momentum, then maybe it is still a value play. Believe it or not, EXM's ship market values just went up another $1.46 per share to $7 above BV. That produces a revised fair value of $28.25, right about today's high of $28.40.

      As usual, I used Compass Maritime's estimated values, plus Goldmar's sale price.

      Earnings should be out tomorrow, or maybe tonight.

    • Avg Vol (3m): 189,360 .Presently volume is 334,100.I put the sign?.Honestly I do not know I just speculate that some shorts were nervous and panicked this morning. Analyst Natasha Boyden of Cantor Fitzgerald set a target price of $19 on April 12 .She should know the fundamentals about EXM .This morning EXM traded above $28.Last year EXM traded near $8 and 2 year half ago it traded above $40.I think the big volatility was not just based on fundamentals but was partially caused by shorts covering.I am not an expert on maritime transportation,just a small investor but I think that EXM is presently overvalued.Maritime transportation is cyclical unless India and China continue to grow at a high pace and boat builders cannot provide enough new boats BDI should move down and maybe collapse.I wrote the comment because I wanted to know the opinion of others posters.Just a thought.Regards

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