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  • shares245 shares245 Nov 29, 2007 2:31 PM Flag

    I will wait for my target Morn says 30

    and then buy. This is too expensive for me. Thank god not loosing for now or making by mistake.

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    • <<<<This is too expensive for me.>>>>

      Because you have no money.
      Because you don't invest right.
      Because you don't do any DD.


    • Not to be rude, but dude you need to get off these boards and find something else to do. Although I believe you are a short even if you claim you are not, at least you make your motives obvious when you state you are waiting for a lower price. Thus, it is blatantly clear you are trying to manipulate the stock down and scare weak hands.

      This is the 3rd time you have lowered your buy point since yesterday...if you truly are waiting to buy/cover at any of those prices...just sit and wait quietly rather than spouting off in what seems like desperation.

      You said that you have profited very little every time you have been "long" in EXM...only 1-2%...if that is truly the case, especially THIS particular stock, find another stock or get out of the market until you learn to trade because staying shows your lack of investing/trading skill.

      You itch and moan that you don't like the manipulation in the stock...well the entire market has some degree of manipulation and complaining is just annoying and shows your ignorance if you sincerely are upset about it and staying. Truthfully market sentiment isn't as bad as it was recently hence why EXM rose along with many other stocks. Besides, keep in mind that EXM may have gone up alot yesterday, but if you look at the recent down days, it went down as much if not more and you didnt shout manipulation then!