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  • yldeng999 yldeng999 Nov 29, 2007 4:05 PM Flag

    We will see 3 down days

    Ready to sell or hold until it bounce back

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    • It doesn't matter which way the price moves.
      Not to me.
      I still focus on the business and what it's earning.
      Then I figure OUT what that's worth to me.
      And to me, this business worth at least $70 a share.


      PS: There has been an incredible rise in value of EXM's ships now that BDI has risen above 5,000. This value is probably only partially reflected on their balance sheet data.

    • But we're on to you

      nyse = yldeng = advise

      You're all the same guy

      Why don't you just stick to the one alias?

      Never mind. I know the answer. Because you don't want people to think you're posting as much as you are.

      Well, it's not working.


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      • Why you are so sure that all of that alias is from one person. Do you have internal yahoo IP address or something to confirm it?

        I stand for my thoughts, nyse1907 is nyse1907, no other alias.

        I already out of EXM short position this morning, loss some money (shorted yesterday at 49.20 and covered this morning at 49.86) just a wrong bet at this time. But I am not afraid to short it if it goes too high again. Sometimes you are right and sometimes you are wrong. Just the way it is. But when I lose money from shorts position, I do not curse at anybody, or longs for that matter. Life moves on.

        I wait and see what wave to catch next. good or bad, long or short, I am not in love with a stock like you guys. Whatever ways I make money, that is a good way.

        You can long a stock all you want, it's your money. Don't get pissed off when losing some and cursing at people on the other sides. Keep it cool. Try to smile when you are losing money and not jumping up and down when you win some money, that will take a lot of work.

        good luck to all, shorts, longs, skinny, chubby, underweight/overweight. . .round/square. .. hope all making money, a lot of money.

    • You sound so confident you must be a billionnaire by now - since you know in advance what's coming.

      Good luck. You will need it.