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  • pepperoniandmushrooms2003 pepperoniandmushrooms2003 Apr 26, 2008 12:40 PM Flag

    keep this in mind longs and shorts

    what we know as factual.

    dont go against a trend.
    dont go against a trend supported by history making volume.

    we know the BDI is screaming red hot.
    we know earnings estimates were given for much lower BDI#s.
    we know EXM is now a formidable presense in dry bulk shipping.
    we know earnings release is comming up very soon, perhaps as soon as MAY.
    we know we had a nice run up, and a breather,
    we know we found support, and we just had 2 pionts up on friday.
    we know we have little to none resitance overhead and all previous resistance lines were cut thru like butter.
    we know the sector is hot.
    we know fund managers enter the stock recently, they didnt sneak into it, they sent a very clear message and buy signal the whole tradeing world can see, the whole tradeing world can also see we found support and filled a gap doing it, and bounced off it.
    we know by looking at the volume, and knowing the BDI is improved dramatically. that crushing the earnings estimated is a given.

    what we dont know, is exactly when earnings will be announced.

    what we dont know is can we count of the other longs to hold steady, and have confidence in their long positions, and ignore the bashing and the shorts squeels of over bought.

    what we dont know is, can longs "reason" enough to appreciate the fundamentals for this company have strengthened dramatically? and comming from a bottomed base price for the stock, and figureing in all the tremendou positives of growth and earnings growth, can longs translate that into a high stock price and feel confident they can cast their doubts and concerns aside in the face of bashers and shorts?

    what matters most NOW, is the BDI and its impact going forward for the next 6-12 months.

    lets not worry about 2009 and beyond, remember the estimates for 08 were going to be low, now we have broken thru those, its very possible the worrys of 2009-2010 are overly and irrationally and negative and fear driven.

    so, lets not price in what may happen in 2009 or 2010, until that day comes.

    we have 9 months before those negatives actually manifest or they maybe totally wrong, things could improve even more.

    fear, if there ever was a real live Devil or Satan, FEAR would be his true name. fear keeps humans from their destineys, and fear has created more destruction to us as a being, then the devil or satan ever could, who needs them when we have fear to do the dark work for us.

    so shed your fears, dont let daily swings sway you, your foundations are firm, and your fears have nothing to feed upon, so let them go.

    this is a very important time to be in EXM.

    before the crowd!

    before $80 and new 52 week highs come.

    before the trend reversal near $100.

    your IN IT TO WIN IT and you dont have better choices in todays market with this kind of growth and this low stock price and PE.

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