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  • nadsmis nadsmis Jun 30, 2014 3:22 PM Flag

    just pumped up MAIN position.

    took a leap of faith. wanted to wait for a dip to PPS but just keep seeing nice recovery after that secondary offering. am expecting a good payoff to MAIN's recent capital investments. like that this BDC is self directed and not paying out exorbitant management fees and with MAIN continuing to provide managerial incentives to via share offerings to management.

    expecting to see PPS more than recover to pre SO pricing of $35.

    bought last 1200 shares at $32.90 PPS. current holdings at 2864. all things being equal, i expect profitabilty to drive earnings and push PPS to 35 come September.

    that's right, RC. i now give Long-Term Sentiment a Strong Buy cause i just did.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • MAIN is a pile...not a divident stock...way too volatile...its #$%$ and its gonna tank.

      Sentiment: Sell

    • Boy, you sure have changed your tune.

      What about all your criticism of the secondary?

      Remember? You repeatedly said Mr. Market has spoken and it doesn't like the secondary.

      You stated it would dilute earnings, the dividend coverage was at risk, and that MAIN was screwing their shareholders, not to mention all those insiders you thought were selling.

      Is none of that true anymore?

      Or have you finally figured out you were wrong?

      - - - - - - -

      As far as your stock sentiment ratings on your posts, you made clear that they are meaningless to what you really believe. Your "buy" rating now is meant just to try and pump the stock after you bought some.

      If you were half as astute an investor as you think you are, you'd have bought all you wanted when the price was depressed. You know, back when you were telling us all how much MAIN was screwing us.

      When the price was lower, you rated MAIN a "hold." Now that it's moved up close to 5% in the last week you rate it a "strong buy."

      If MAIN's a "strong buy" today as you suggest, it was a stronger buy last week/month. Problem is, you didn't know it. You needed other buyers to step in and move the price up to tell you MAIN was undervalued.

      Considering you're just reacting to market movements, and don't have an understanding of the underlying fundamentals, you shouldn't be so quick to lecture us here with such certainty, the investing facts of life .

      Good luck with your investment.

      Sentiment: Buy

      • 1 Reply to rc5717
      • my tune? not changed. the market DID NOT like the SO. it seldom does. that is what drove the PPS down. dilution is not a good thing. also, the market typically reacts in a positive fashion to a buyback whether you understand that or not.

        it is true that I do indeed react to market trends and trade accordingly. of course. your style may be to buy and hold and there is nothing wrong with that.

        my total stock portfolio has outperformed the DJI by 4.85% over the last 17 trading days and prior to that was more modest but again, over performing. if my stock portfolio underperforms than I would simply invest in mutual funds or seek the services of a broker. nonetheless, you shouldn't throw your stones this direction.

        there are trading, investment, and saving strategies employed in the market. a buy and hold is more a savings strategy and that is fine. however, I think it wrong to shamelessly pump a position and try to squelch other opinions just because you hold it. that is disingenuous at best and often typical of a company shill.

        quit being so nasty and passive aggressive.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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