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  • techystock techystock Oct 24, 2008 1:51 PM Flag

    Sovereign funds interested in private equity funds

    Sandy Weill is approaching sovereign funds to start a new private equity firm. Apparently there are lots of interest. If you are the fund, you will be investing in a proven company like FIG and BX or will you prefer a startup?

    Both BX and FIX are down along with the market, but who's not? These private equity funds are way under values. In my opinion, they are much more attractive than any other stock in the eyes of sovereign funds. China has been looking to buy more BX and I bet they already did today if not within the last few days. Because there is a cap on how much BX they can buy, I think they might start investing on FIG as well. I look forward to some sort of news in the near future. Because if a sovereign fund wants to buy a certain percentage of a us listed stock, I guess they need to file with SEC, correct?

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    • The SEC has done nothing for anybody but wallstreet crooks. The SEC is worthless. The Hedge funds don't have to report anything!
      I'd like to take a baseball bat & strike the stock crooks in the face for every small quanity of shares they sold to knock down the prices. For every failed to deliver share & for every lie posted on these boards. The SEC does nothing about it. Those vultures sit on these yahoo finance boards 24/7 wrecking stocks. I hope this market falls off the face of the earth.
      Only multi millionaire Ceo's get bailed out. There's simply no rules enforced for "we the people"
      All of these wallstreet thugs should be lined up & shot! Nobodys ever held accountable in a court of law. The trillion dollar bailout seems to be going towards golden parachutes for parasites. There was a Glass-Stegal act put in place in 1933 to stop commercial banks from becoming investment (wallstreet) crooks with our money. It was removed in 1999 by the Clinton Administration. Our self serving Gov't just put a trillion dollars in a bucket with all the same existing holes in it. If they wanted to fix something they would have held somebody accountable & enforced some laws. This Glass- Stegal act was not put back into place. They are grilling people with committies however, none of the gluttonous pigs have been handed any court dates. I've lost all respect for the US Govt.& the SEC... It's rotten to the core. They are ruining the whole world with their antics.

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