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  • bamboo7431 bamboo7431 Aug 14, 2012 8:05 AM Flag

    Stlbeer - Top off #2

    "The top up div. will be paid in 2013 not this year."
    1) How do you know it will be paid at all?
    2) If it will be paid, how do you know it will not be paid this year?

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    • 1. I don't know it will be paid, that depends on incentive income and the vote of the board.
      2. It is impossible to pay a div of any kind before the end of the period for which it is calculated. Since the top div is based on the entire year of 2012 how could it be paid in advance?

    • of course top-up divvy will be paid in the months following the fiscal year on which it's based - otherwise they'd be guessing cuz the accounting won't be done. plus the unitholders will only need the divvy in time to pay taxes april 15.

      remember there is no tax effect for FIG divvys - doesn't matter when they're paid cuz it's a pass-through entity for IRS purposes. so FIG will figure out what the DI and/or promote was and base the top-up on that.

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      • 1. Mudd announced on CNBC in an interview with Maria Bartaromo in May 2011 that they were reinstating the quarterly dividend at 5 cents for the 4th quarter and would pay a top off dividend at the end of this year. That is what I am basing FIG paying out a top off before Dec. 2012.

        How did FIG know in May that they would be able to pay even the nickle 6 months prior to them actually doing that distribution?

        2. When does FIG close out their books to make the distributions to their private equity clients?

        3. The extra 3% tax increase does not have to do with the Bush tax cuts expiring. Obama tacked it on to the health care bill. If they extend the Bush cuts, then the rate will still go up by 3%.

        4. If they only do a dime top-off, based on their current yield, that should push the price to $6.

        5. If they are going to do a SO, then what is all the talk about stock buy-backs?

        There is just too much going on with these guys for this stock to remain at these low levels.

        Bob S

    • exactly...they will pay as little as they can get away with...this stock is a loser and wait until the secondary takes place...a lot of whiny figglets after

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