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  • bigtoegold bigtoegold Sep 4, 2013 11:10 AM Flag

    LBSR Exhibits All The Classic Signs Of A "Pump And Dump"

    First classic sign; All pump, no results.

    LBSR has been around for a decade, in that time there have been many "exciting" drill targets - all yet to be drilled despite 10 years of promises. Also during those 10 years, LBSR has claimed on several occassions to be in in talks with people and/or entities interested in a Joint Venture. Well,... that hasn't happened either. The closest they ever came was with NDM who ended up having no interest in JV'ing with Briscoe. Strange considering Briscoe's claims that 7 or 8 Pebbles exist on their property. Also strange that if true, why would LBSR be sitting at .02 ?? Pumpers will claim that it is because LBSR is unknown and undiscovered by the market. REALLY??? It is in proximity to one of the most well known deposits in the world.

    Second classic sign; Performance. When it comes to "Pumps and Dumps" you will often hear that the company's time has arrived and blue skies are right around the corner. Newcomers are sucked in to the story as pumpers play on hopes and greed. However, Due Diligence is key as is the the past performance.

    Here is a snapshot of Liberty Star in 2004 ;

    Shares outstanding: 37.5 million
    Price: March 25, 2004: US $1.53
    Market cap: US $57.3 million

    Fast forward 10 years;

    Shares outstanding: 777 million (after 1 for 4 reverse split equaling a total of 3.1 BILLION shares issued!!!
    Average Price Sept 2013 : US $.02 representing a 99.4% LOSS in share price
    Market cap: US $8.6 million representing an 85% DECREASE

    In addition:

    Approximately 1/2 the land position it did in 2004 which Briscoe has been systematically selling for pennies on the dollar to pay for attorney fees and lawsuits (2 lawsuits against LBSR, 1 currently active).

    LBSR's President Larry Liang, resigns days before the pumpers much anticipated ZTEM results. Somehow they would like you to believe this is a good thing! LOL.

    The writing is on the wall, LBSR is a classic "Pump and Dump" that will never amount to anything. BEWARE!!!!!!

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    • Yes it does. I got suckered in a while ago. Funny to see the same posters here waving their pom poms trying to convince others (or possibly themselves) that this company isn't a scam.

    • They said that about NNVC. Just a pump biotech, no future, just executive salary.. In fact, that's what all penny players say about stocks with dilution. They don't understand WHY markets exist, WHAT a market is, all they care about is making a million dollars and doing little work in the process. Then they lose so damn much they can't pick one stock out from the trash that may work. Oh, but they loved it when it was green and rallying! Hate it when it's red! Wow, that's like the sure formula of a loser. None of these people want to improve themselves, take control, and figure out how to make markets work for them.

      LBSR is a pump and dump.. That's right! Keep thinking that! I'm finding I have less sympathy for market losers as time goes on and as I see the ignorance pour from online message boards.
      There's a reason why you guys lose! You buy highs, then you think a legit stock's a scam! GOOD LUCK

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Wow! Too many mistakes to be able to fix them all...
      IMO, LBSR didn't want the JV because NAK was makiing no effort toward progress, while claims, interest on a loan, 60/40 split...all were against LBSR.
      Why is LBSR at .02 (actually .026 as I write)? Well why is NAK at $2+ when they were at $20+? Could it be because AK/Pebble may never get started? Hmmm

      1/2 the land since 2004 because of "systematically selling for pennies on the dollar.."? LBSR made a deal which transferred less than half of AK claims for forgiveness of about $5M in debt with NAK.
      Lawsuits: The active one was filed by LBSR against the contractor in AK who placed liens on the claims. LBSR's contention is that the contractor billed/over-charged for work not done..

      I addressed this Larry Liang below...but some would rather not discuss point by point, only dismiss...
      "Larry Liang, LBSR's ex-president, has literally said nothing public since his appointment in 2009. He also has worked for RCI Capital for the last couple of years and now resides in China. . Peter O'Herron, LBSR's latest board member, has been acting like a president having gone to Naseba, high worth investors meetings in India, and also slated for a China Naseba meeting with qualified high worth investors in Sept.. Also Peter has been quoted in NRs unlike Larry. IMO, Peter will at least be asked to be president, while Larry may have had potential conflicts of interest since RCI provides mining/exploration investing money. BTW: Larry has "many" options, so he still has a good reason to promote and want the success of LBSR. How many shares do you have?"

      BTW: Some of the math is unworthy of a 7th graders homework. ex 777M shares * .02 = $8.3M Market Cap? lol
      First sign of a bona fide basher, is many mistakes...

      Do your own DD and I think it will become clear that although LBSR has very high risk, it has an even higher reward...
      All the above is based on my DD but written as my humble opinion....

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      • I hate to add to threads where I have a poster on ignore, but you brought up something important about NAK being down 90 percent. The thing is, that's not unusual in the exploration mining sector these days - hard to know how much of NAK is hurt by market flight from exploration projects, and how much comes from effects of the anti-Pebble campaigns. ...a little of both, I think.

        Interestingly enough, LBSR is down less from it's high of a few years ago that is NAK and many other exploration stocks. Some are down 95-99.9 percent with no hope for staying in business. Fault banks and others who used to help finance these types of ventures - they are no longer in these markets. Money is hard to come by.

        That LBSR has survived this period and is on the verge of very significant news sets it apart from the crowd, but the news WILL HAVE TO BE GOOD, and I believe it will be. For now, it's matter of days before this is shown to be the mining story of the century, or a laughing stock.

        Take the bet, or flee. I'm all in!

        VP in AZ

        Oh, one more thing. I've never understood the complaints over Larry Liang's lack of visibility. Most companies have only one officer's name attached to public releases (excepting annual reports). In this case, it's been James Briscoe. Is it pure ignorance that makes some think they should be hearing from more than one officer/director?

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