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  • valuepro99 valuepro99 Oct 2, 2013 10:33 AM Flag

    What are you looking for...

    1) LBSR has the TSP technical report from Geotech. It will take time to translate the report into terms us lay people can understand. The same thing happened when ZTEM was flown over Big Chunk. The "translation" of that technical report took 12 days from the time of the PR saying the report was completed. That's when we learned Big Chuck had a dozen or more targets looking very similar to Pebble, ...but it took 12 days after LBSR announced they were in receipt of the report.

    2) Today's PR merely says that SRK has been engaged to "update" their earlier report on Hay Mountain, likely based on the technical findings in the ZTEM report - no bad news here. If anything, this is encouraging news. Otherwise, why would the company want to spend money if ZTEM is suggesting that the Hay Mountain target is a dud? It ain't, as I am certain we will find within a week, or so.

    I also find it interesting that this engagement of SRK does not include work on ZTEM findings in the Tombstone area outside of Hay Mountain. I suspect this is a costs savings move for now, and we will hear more about SRK doing work on additional targets later. For now, assume SRK has the ZTEM technical report on Hay Mountain.

    Now, go back to the PR. While is may seem to say nothing, it begins with LBSR saying they are "pleased to announce..." I don't think they would do that if they suspected it might eventually make them look foolish, do you?

    More at AGORACOM.

    VP in AZ

    P.S. You ain't got nothin' to worry about if you don't own the stock.

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