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  • garyg474 garyg474 Jul 13, 2011 3:38 PM Flag

    Low Interest Rates here to stay

    Obama has no clue as to how to create jobs and grow this economy. And the even more clueless American voting public will re-elect him in 16 months. Therefore, you have 5 1/2 more years of this malaise.

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    • Oh and by the way, original poster, thought you were a conservative, it aint the pres's job to create jobs. And if we put the Rep back in they will not cut the deficit because they will immediately start worrying about getting elected again

    • so here is my question for the Dems, if the tea party, a small minority in the house were able to stop all the good the pres was going to do, why didn't the dem controlled house and senate have the back bone to stop all the evil you seem to think bush did?

      FYI - the way i look at it, Reagon cut taxes, economy soared, Bush senior raised taxes and had a very small recession, Clinton raised taxes a lot and economy soared, then eventually stalled, Bush Jr lowered taxes and economy got better then tanked

      Guess what my conclusion is, changing taxes around 4-5% doesn't matter one way or another, the economy takes off when there is a reason. Like lets say maybe the reagon miracle were the US mfg finally starting to catch up to the Jap's in productivity, and maybe bush recession was because we have had such a prolonged good run (and maybe that recession, which bush sr allowed clinton to call the worst since the last depression during the campaign, was a minor nothing blip. Maybe Clintons economy was driven by a hugely efficient new product, the PC and internet. Maybe Bushes small bump up was because the end of term recession from Clinton was the same as the nothing recession from Sr. Maybe the bush dump was because the US economy is dependent on ridiculous debt, a philosophy supported by both parties when they are in office.

      Get my point sheep, stop listening to MSNBC and Fox. the economy does what it does regardless of the party in charge

    • Sorry, but you are clueless! Happy new Year anyway!

    • Yet another example of the ravages of infectious cognitive disonance. The more excessive attention paid to the pundits of Fox Noise, the more intense the inability to do politically neutral DD through such sources as Snopes.Com. Sad, sad, sad.

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      • From a non-partisan point of view. I won't comment on Obama's capacity to create jobs or his level of cluelessness. That is all hyperbole and nonsense from both sides. The only thing I will say is that the Tea Partiers were not around to block the almost $2trillion stimulus and healthcare bills, which have been unequivocal failures( I admit to have not opposed either, and I was wrong ). It can be fairly postulated that the Tea Party has saved the nation from even greater ruin.

    • Maybe, if the Republican scumb stop blocking every positive move he tries to make we would get some progress. Obama will be reelected, get over it!

    • blair.wagner Dec 15, 2011 11:44 AM Flag

      Obama is not the problem. The blame is and
      will be laid at doorstep of the Republican Party
      with a lot of help from the Tea party.

      Their stand in the way of progress is slowly
      driving this country and its people over the

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