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  • MikeEquity MikeEquity Jan 26, 1999 4:54 PM Flag

    Those seem like good numbers but I don't

    much about the company. With those kind of numbers it seem like a good long term investment. I live in Pittsburgh, would anyone else say this is a good buy?

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    • at FII and all think it is a great company. That
      matters little.

      What matters greatly is the
      concrete numbers they put down there on paper every
      quarter. The growth is incredible in a solid

      They are fianlly developing their PR and Investor
      relations Dept so I am sure that will help the stock in the
      long run. Thye have been much better recently in
      airing release and announcements to help drive the

      Lastly, they are a very attractive buyout/merger
      candidate. There has been many rumors flying through the
      year on them being acquired.

      If you are looking
      to hold a stock for a year or more, this is a good
      one. It is still relatively cheap so you are able to
      accumulate some volume, and they are built on a solid
      foundation. This is a great stock to buy, put in the corner
      and come back ot it a year or so from now. I think
      you would be happy with the results. Good Luck and
      conduct your own DD

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