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  • grenny1968 grenny1968 Mar 30, 1999 6:39 PM Flag

    It should not suprise you about the pay

    Talk to anyone who has worked for FII and you
    will hear about the rank nepotism that is promoted
    inside this firm. FII supports many children,
    grandchildren, nieces, nephews and in-laws in fine fashion,
    mostly at the expense of the shareholders. It only makes
    sense that upper mgmt would overpay themselves. It
    truly is a little kingdom and I would be reluctant to
    own this stock. In fairness, I will say that FII is
    an able money manager, it is there business acumen
    that I question!

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    • I have, and its my understanding that each
      newborn grandchild of the Donahue clan is endowed with
      $1million upon birth. This ensures the perpetuation of the
      dynasty. If I were married to one of the Donahue women,
      she would be fed a steady diet of fertility drugs and
      baby batter.

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      • If you want to view the fertility drugs at work,
        you just need to get your hands on a copy of the
        Federated / Donahue Christmas Greetings card. Talk about a
        piece of work. It is a full color brochure where each
        page has another child or generation and all of their
        off-spring. It is interesting to note that a full color piece
        like this would cost soime good $$$ and it is at the
        expense of the shareholders. It is a known fact that the
        vast majority of the employees laugh at the cards
        presumptions. SOunds like a fiefdom?? Hopefully the Donahues
        read this next point. As most security experts would
        tell them, putting out such a card could be conceived
        as a high risk situation. Besides the bad will that
        it creates, it gives any person access to a complete
        family listing. It does not take a movie script (what
        was that Mel Gibson movie where he owned an airline?)
        to figure out what could be done with that.

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