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  • h2o_liquidgold h2o_liquidgold Sep 18, 2008 1:14 AM Flag


    Yea you moron. You are the one that bought houses you couldn't afford. You are the one that bought real estate thinking you could flip it for a profit immediately. Yea you...that keeps re-electing the same crooked, lying politicians term after term. that whines to the government to take care of you.

    I could go on. But the truth you the people of America have fallen from world leaders to world scum bags.

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    • I saw a documentary on a town in the mid-west and you could not see one normal person; they were all fat and complaining. New Yorkers should ask for independence from these morons.

    • In addition, you are the people who like to take moral high grounds. You fucking American impose your economic system and so-called fucking demoracy on other countries. Those damne things will not work in a culturally and socially different place.

      you used to be the becon light of the world. You are not the laughing stock of the world. Tear down the statute of Libery!

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      • Right now I absolutely agree with ya H2o...i like that 20 miles drive to buy tv to save 20 bucks which is made in china...LOL.. american drinkls DIET coke with DEEP dish Pizza stupid is that ???...lolol.. yankees win basebal games final which ONLY played between US teams.. and they called IT WORLD SERIES>>> and call them world champion... while in olympic they lose to tiny japan and cuba...lolol ..... WORLDSERIES /champion >>> WHAT A JOKE !!!!!!!!

        By electing Bush they thought they got a cowboy to run country thought he will rule the world.. but ......god bless ( HELP ) america.

        EVEN after all this fked up economy,stocks, failure of SEC , wars, lost of innocent thousand soldiers, huuuuuuuge deficit , high oil, millions of forclosers and lots of more that i missed.. and when i turned tv on i see polls show that this election is soo close to call who will win obama or mccain ??? EVEN A BIGER JOKE !!!.. how stupid people can be.. they still wanna elect a guy who wanna fked up the same way the COWBOY did..all the supportrs of PIGs/republicans think their party working for them .. BUT REALITY THEY AINT WORKING FOR U LITTLE FELLA.. they r for FILTHY WEATHY folks how have over 100 + net worth.. if u aint got that.. and since u reading and posting on this message board like me ( WHO DONT HAVE 100 mil ) .. U AINT GOT NO 100 mil.. then PIGS ARENT working fo u buddyyyy...WAKE UP !!!! wake up and smell the oil , smell the lehman, smell AIG, smell fre, fnm !!!

        one reason i think mccain is still close race cuz all the PIGS labeling him as a so called " MAVERICK " to brain wash american people with same old HYPE of AMERICAN DREAM AND LABEL ... sounds familar ??? think " COWBOY" AKA BUSH .. think "WORLD CHAMPION " yankkes ... pigs like to hide reality behind all this cathy , shinning label to fk u again a nd again and again.. WAKE UP !!!!!

        one guy wrote earlier that there will be things have "made in america " after few years.. I DONT KNOW ABOUT THAT but i do know that after few day / monhts / years on wall street and main street people will be wearing t shirt saying " FKED UP IN AMERICA "

    • f**king lazy american !! this country is going down -- broke as hell !
      50 yrs from now ! everything will be labeled as '' Made in USA '' !!

    • as you type on an american made apple computer and use an american company's message board and as you short our american stocks. Sounds to me like your life would be worth living if it wasn't for our sorry-lazy asses. go enjoy a coke you mofker.

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      • You mean as I type on a computer made in China, look at a monitor made in Taiwan don't you?

        America makes nothing. your own greed and stupidity to save pennies saw to that. You fools would drive miles to buy a TV made offshore to save $20. Worked out well for you didn't it? Now you have nothing being manufactured in the US. 70% of your economy depends on consumers spending. And despite already being over your head in debt your dumb politicians tell you to go out and spend more.

        then politicians go and borrow $400 BILLION from China to give you couple hundred so you can spend it buying Chinese goods...WHAT A LAUGH!

        America has become a third world nation but you people are too stupid to realize it yet because your politicians keep telling you you are number 1. Number one laughing stock in the world that is. ha ha ha ha ha ha

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