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  • repubs_r_crooks repubs_r_crooks Oct 31, 2012 5:21 AM Flag

    REPUBLICAN philosophy: practice SOCIALISM among Anglosaxons, while professing capitalism for others

    Republican Anglosaxons are against health care reform because they cannot tolerate the concept of universal health care being enjoyed by NON-ANGLOSAXONS.
    In their mind, good quality medical care should be given only to White Anglosaxons, and that Non-Anglosaxons should get substandard medical care.
    The concept of socialist health care for all (like Canadian health care) sends shudders down REPUBLICAN ANGLOSAXON spines.

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    • I wish your mother had gotten a free abortion.

      Please, by all means move to Canada to get that great health care and say hello to the thousands of Canadians you will pass on the way up there, who are coming down to the US to get medical treatment.

      I only shudder that racist #$%$-t-a-rds like you are allowed to reproduce

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