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  • salipenta salipenta Feb 8, 2011 3:02 PM Flag


    Pardon my ignorance here, I've just started looking into this company. From their website, it seems that East Area 1 (which you mentioned as their top priority) is a residential and commercial development project. Is there anything going on with their agribusiness and water divisions? I was unable to find any news on these areas. I am more interested in this company as an agri and water rights play. Thanks in advance for any info you may have.

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    • Water is obviously California's new gold. Most Southern California floats on artificial water supplies either from the California Water Project diverting northern California water to the thirsty southern part of the state or the Colorado River which has been way over-subscribed and trickles into a chemical laden sand spit at the end of its original mighty course. Free flowing, secure artesian water rights established decades ago are just one of the brilliant assets of this company. Read The Cadillac Desert, which is now dated but a classic about California water. The 21st Century is the Commodities Century driven by global demand as more of the world moves into the educated middle class.

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      • The rest of the world in some cases might be trying to create a middle class but here in the united sates we are now proceeding in the opposite direction- the middle class here is shrinking at a fast rate and within the next 5 to 10 years it will be basically a have and have not society. I also predict that we will get some manufacturing back here but they'll set up low wage zones where your living quarter will be subsidized by he govt but you;ll have a low paying job and this will also lead to gated rich communities because crime will be much higher since the middle class is a thing of the past. also, all you need to do is look at health care to see where things are going. a have and have not health care system where the masses will get community health care centers and access to 3rd rate hospitals for surgery while those with money and cadillac health plans will get the finest hospitals and doctors of course now anybody can get a great surgeon but those days are numbered. Also, the internet which is playing havoc on the world where information is easily attainable will be censored at some point. Sorry to go off tangent but if you look at what started in 2008 nothing has been done to cure the financial issues, (the govt has spent trillions to make up for the private sector which can't continue for ever) in fact, its pretty much business as usually - wall street is back to its old ways - corporations continue to create jobs in other countries and world masses get more rebellious as time goes on - and food high prices are man made by america since we continue to subsidize ethanol for american farmers since this land could be used for growing other crops or using the corn for feed or just for feeding the masses but why would farmers do that if the govt is paying big bucks using the corn crop for ethanol and the farmers want to increase the ethanol mix in gas to 15 percent - so the greed continues and this would continue to raise food prices when masses can no longer afford food they have nothing to lose by being rebellious - and of course in egypt its always the fear of radical islam but really the anger is the thought that we created the artificially high prices for food which in some ways we have.

        If someone can now talk congress into passing a law that a percentage of lemon juice should be added to gasoline (which shouldn't be too hard) then lemon prices will go through the roof and it will cost a fortune to add lemons to all those fancy drinks

      • Thank you for your response Kikkygal. I have initiated a small position and will buy more should it drop lower. 22 seems to be a major base, so I was fortunate to buy close to 22.

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