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  • jerry.blown jerry.blown Nov 14, 2012 11:32 AM Flag

    Great Day, bought more FSC

    another happy face. You guys need to cut back on the Prozac. Suggestion: try looking at the stock's NAV. Has buying at a discount ever crossed anyone's mind?

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    • Yes Jerry. That is why I bought FSC at the price I did. It is not a discount & probably wont be. Did buy it at 2% over NAV which is the target price I established 4 weeks ago, when I put in the order for FSC. With previous purchases of FSC still leaves me below NAV.

      I believe in owning stock at a decent price & collecting dividends not agonizing over the lowest possible price a stock can hit in the next 3 years & waiting for that event to occur. Or being worried about what other people think. Notice Jerry I did not deride you about your medications or your inability to pull the trigger on stocks. Just pointing out that I do have reasoning behind what I purchase. If the stock still goes down after the purchase, I am prepared for that. I am in it for the long haul.

      I hope your decision to purchase stock or not purchase stock is based on equally solid ground that you can live with. Not on what other people tell you to believe.

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      • Sorry, but don't understand why everyone is so cheerful over the market tanking. I have pulled the trigger on many stocks. Getting absolutely crushed and not happy about it. Not afraid to admit I'm down unlike others on this board. Everyone is always high "five" ing over suspect trades and never admit when they are down. J is a perfect example, don't ever remember him admitting he's ever lost money or been down. He always has to give the impression he's perfect. BTW, getting especially crushed on CHI.

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