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  • thewisejman thewisejman Apr 11, 2013 11:41 AM Flag

    A very STRANGE market indeed

    I no longer believe I understand this market because some time it appears to be upside down, or should I say, up, up and up more......

    You would expect after today's market's up it may come down a bit, NO, it actually went up BIG time today, probably because all these job claim number went down, how funny.

    My pre-set sell orders for both CYS and KMM got filled today and I found my account balance very close to this year's high again and yet I have more and more cash just sitting there, doing nothing, because I simply could not find any decent stocks to buy. I ended up buying FAM because I believe it is still under value. Tried to buy more GGN today because tomorrow is its ex-div date and it dropped slightly today. I believe my long term strategy will be keep buying more of it when it drops because just getting its 12% yield is quite good even if previous metal going nowhere.

    Oil price continued to fall and that to me, signals the economy is not doing that well. If both oil and PM prices continue to drop, I believe this market may go south very soon.

    Still holding on to my QID for insurance, but did put a stop price on it in case the market continues to rise.

    Right now, it is basically a waiting game, see which side, BULL or BEAR will yield first. It seems the BULLS are winning, too much money floating around, with Europe in such a bad share, their money probably float to safety - U.S.A., again, how funny.

    The key right now again, is DIVIDEND DIVIDEND DIVIDEND. Staying away from TECH unless some of their dividends become irresistible.

    Still waiting to fill my buy order for FSC at 10.67. Not in a hurry to buy it though.

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    • It is kind of bad that you cannot preview your message before you post it. I actually tried to say after the up market of the past two days, I have troubles in seeing the rally continues today, but it appears I am wrong. Well, you cannot beat the FED, again.

      I did buy more GGN today at 12.25. This will be one of my long term hold for now. I tried desperately to buy more PPR, a tip from Kel, I believe. It refused to drop even on and after its ex-div date. If it drops closer to 6, I believe I will load it up. That good.

      JPC and JPI both had their ex-div dates today and guess what, they both went up, that shows you how important is to buy stocks for CEFs that are undervalued. My EFC continued to shoot up and I really do not know why. I was actually hoping it dropped some since I sold half my holdings. These days, it is not good to have too much of even a good thing, they can become poisonous in a heart beat. Therefore, take profit while you can, you never know how long this market euphoria will last. I have a feeling happy time will end soon, probably around May and June. Be warned.

    • Its alright to buy right now BUT you really have to use protective puts. Its a big cut to you profits but the chances of a major correction wiping out all your profits are just too high right now.

      I've even trimmed all my bond funds as I was up so much on those that I couldn't just let them ride anymore... I mean really, bond funds up 12% in less than a year? Thats just ridiculous.

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