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  • thewisejman thewisejman Sep 10, 2013 10:51 AM Flag

    What a FARCE

    that is, the recent market rally, going up seven days in a row, right before the next FOMC meeting on Sept. 17 and 18.....

    Okay, now the market appears not worrying about Syria and the China export data is good, they said. The market kept rising with a vengeance. APPL is supposedly having some great news to be announced today and its price has been rising, yet it started dropping today. I smell a rotten apple here.

    Does the market now believe the FED will not taper on Sept.? or just does a taper-lite tapering?

    That seems to be no FEAR in this market and to me that is extremely worrisome. The REITs rose sharply yesterday and today they started falling again. It appears to be this market was basically being manipulated by large traders and hedge firms. This rally is a total FARCE.

    One poster said I should have stuck with FSC instead of gambling. May be he is right in the short term but I truly believe I am RIGHT. This market rally is now at its last LEG and will soon be totally exhausted, anybody who bought into this market, naively believe it will continue to rise better check their investment IQ. I am buying more DXD today at 33.60 and now it dropped to 33.56. Yes, I have to admit that it has been quite painful to see my DXD and other shorts tanking in the last few days. But it you look at the 10 year treasury rate, it closed at 2.90 yesterday after it reached 3.00 temporarily last Friday (I believe). Today, TMV, TBT and TBF all rose. I was hoping to see them dropping a bit more so I could buy some back. I may have to start buying them a bit earlier. Precious metals continue to fall. I was very tempted to add some SLV today. This current market is totally irrational and illogical. It should not rise but it did, that means it will set up the perfect condition for a BIG correction. I simply DO NOT see any major factors that will continue to pump up this fool's rally. I am shorting all the way. J

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