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  • thewisejman thewisejman Nov 12, 2013 12:13 PM Flag

    My intuition appears to pay off TODAY

    It is kind of funny because I believe not that long ago, one person who used all these PAID services for trading asked any of us knew anything about certain analyses and none of us appeared to know too much in what he was talking, he abecame a bit disgusted, because he probably felt that we were just a whole bunch of amateurs.

    You know what? Yea, we are mostly amateurs who try very hard to make a few bucks for our investments, short term or long term. Some time we were successful and some time we might fail miserably. But did we really fare that much worse than some of these large hedge fund managers or large bond fund managers? Not really. Some hedge funds had actually performed much WORSE than S&P500. That means if any one will just buy an index fund, they will outperform these large hedge fund managers who employed thousands of analysts or using the best stock analysis money can buy. Did it do them any GOOD? Now for many bond fund managers, they had actually lost money, big time.

    I believe some time many professionals or so called BIG TIME investors made things too complicated, depending on complicated technical analyses too much, some time they were successful but some time they would fail miserably. I believe the key is to make things simple and invest in things (stocks, bonds, real estates, coins, etc.) that you understand and know best. Well, at least Slick said he traded only PSEC and he was successful with it because after trading it so many times, he had a grip of how it works and if he gets stuck with it, what is the worse consequence? An almost 12% yield?

    I am glad I bought some DXD yesterday and sold off my IAG. I believe very often after trading the market for a while, many of us may have developed that innate instinct in when to buy and when to sell on certain stocks. We may not be right all the time, but if we are right most of the time, we will perform better than even some professionals.


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    • tulsadevlin Nov 12, 2013 2:25 PM Flag

      It is true J, No one will take better care of your $$ than YOU.
      We amateurs must step up to the plate and take charge of our own financial health.
      The burden is on US, but no one cares more about your money than YOU.

      Thanks for all your ideas, I've learned a lot.

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      • Thanks, Tulsa, I learned a lot from all of you too, especially from Wayne on REITs. It is indeed nice for a good of OLD TIMERs to exchange share ideas with each other. After a while, an individual investor will surely run of investment ideas. I used to study a lot everyday, reading every single interesting investment article I could find, but lately I just took it easy because with the FED continued to pump easy money, you can throw all fundamentals out of the door. You just have to go with the flow, that means everybody will be different, you have just to go with how you feel on that particular day about the market.

    • What about GGN, ex div today. PPS 10.45 right now.

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      • Well, I guess I have to thank Slick for mentioning GGN. I was too busy to make any trades earlier today because I had an eye doctor's appointment this morning, then at noon my wife and I both had dental appointments to have our teeth cleaned. Afterwards we went to the local Costo and could you believe we ended up spending some $400 just buying a lot of junks? We have become very scared to go to Costco these days, it has become both costly and painstaking (everything are so heavy because they are in bulks).

        I guess we may have a pretty crazy winter since we had a very nice summer. Yesterday's high was 70 degree F and tonight's low was predicted to be 25 deg F, that is a drop of about 45 degrees.

        I came home with only about 20 minutes to trade. Did end up buying some GGN at 10.42. I really did not want to add more till it drops closer to 10.30, but with the 0.12 dividend I am getting, that is pretty close. I actually believe it will continue to drop and I will not go crazy on it till it drops below $10. Keep an eye on its twin: GNT, probably not as good but you never know.

        Bought back some ARR-B today at 20.39, sold some yesterday at 20.52, tomorrow is its ex-div date (monthly div of 0.1641) at today's closing price of 20.39, making its yield 9.66%.

        Bought some more DFP today, with its 1.09% drop today, its yield has become 9.40%, probably the highest for any pref. stock CEFs. Its ex-div date is 11/19/13, just illogical. Did people expect interest rate continue to rise?

        Lost an opportunity to grab some KCAP at 7.88 this morning, could not change the buy price of my previous buy order in Fidelity using my iPhone. By the time I was home, KCAP already rose back to over 8.00. This one is a perfect day trade BDC. Slick should take a look. It always rose back after it dropped. Strange but true. Also bought SLV at 19.97, believe it was cheap at this price. May drop more though. Today's market did not make any senses whatsoever.

      • I just bought some at 10.43 for a trade, we will see.........dropped more than twice the dividend.

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