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  • alwayz2morrow alwayz2morrow Nov 6, 2008 9:02 AM Flag

    ALERT: all you racist white republicans


    like wiseinvestor, ezmaass, eagles, methusalaw, should maintain your stance. you are NOT ALLOWED to switch ALL OF A SUDDEN to saying as wiseinvestor just said:

    <<<After seeing the reaction worldwide and from the constituencies?, I have concluded that Obama was clearly the choice. >>>

    you didn't want to vote for Obama, bashed him relentlessly, pumped McCain and said he was the much better choice, posted all sorts of racist posts everyday including shit about *two* Black Panthers blocking a voter to help support your arguments, AND NOW ALL OF A SUDDEN OBAMA IS ***CLEARLY*** THE BETTER CHOICE???? hahahahaahhaha, you racist white republicans in TN crack me up!! go jump off a bridge you worthless racist bastards, you didn't want to vote for Obama, so don't jump on his dick now!!

    i respect people like trbo1 more because at least they maintain their racist stance and don't all of a sudden want to jump on the bandwagon of "well since the world is accepting the Negro with open arms I guess I will too now that is safe for me to do so". its like some of you wanted Obama to win deep down inside but didn't want to vote for him for fear of a backlash from your parents who are white or other friends/coworkers, TRUELY PATHETIC, Obama doesn't want you or need you now, you are better off staying with the crowd you chose to be with since all the election hoopla started.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • jameshicks9661 Nov 6, 2008 1:33 PM Flag

      Don't worry a-hole. I am relishing laughing at this idiot.

    • ezmass

      This one really is sick, do yourself a favor and put him on ignore.

    • You're a sick bastard.

    • Take your Political "Crap" elsewhere, The election is over. Now get off this boad with this "Crap".

      This Board if for discussing ETFC Information and thoughts. Hence why it is a Separate MB under that NAME!!

      You and the rest who post more Political "CRAP" are now on IGGY.

      Cheers and Good Day!

    • Again, Alwayz... time to take your meds, Dude.

      Don't worry about ME switching my stance. By the way, Wise never claimed to be for one candidate or the other -- he said multiple times that he was on the fence. So you can't call that a "switch."

      My reasons for STILL doubting Obama are no different than before November 4th. Anyone who plays the stock market should know that the "popular" opinion doesn't always yield the "right" result.

      1. His tax policies are flawed.

      2. His foreign policy experience is nearly non-existent.

      3. His health-care plan, while well-intentioned, is a long-shot theory at best.

      I can elaborate (and have multiple times here) on all three bullets. Just because the man got elected doesn't mean any of the above has changed.

      However, despite how badly you'd like to believe RACE has anything to do with the above, Alwayz, it plays absolutely no part in my support leaning for McCain in this past election. In fact, I've said quite a number of GREAT things about Obama over the past year on this board -- something I doubt a "racist" would do.

      So go take your medication now before you start dreaming about us all dancing around in shorts and sandals in the winter again.

    • Way to bring people together. I see the beginings of the 4th Reich already...

    • hmmmm, interesting point. I think I agree, at least untill more penance is performed.

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