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  • wcsbreeze wcsbreeze Jul 15, 2011 6:08 PM Flag

    Will it be considered a tax increase to me...

    The some cuts to defense (meaning get the fat out) and all I mean all not needed services is a must. I do not have Repub friends nor do I have Dem friends. I have American friends. Do we really have to pay Pakistan and other like countries to be our friends? Who are we? Americans or a welfare department.

    I am an American just like all of you. Dems and Pubs would like to separate us. I say stand up for the man. Send a message on CNN poles and on FOX poles. Dems Pubs you keep your parties. We as Americans deserve better. Find a better man and we vote for him otherwise CHANGE is coming every time we vote. At some point they will get it right when AMERICANS have their say. I am tired of being looked at as only needed when its time to vote and ignored when they get the job.

    We can not afford it either. BRING THE JOBS HOME don't let big business profit so much from Chinese slave labor. At the same time workers don't expect to be millionaires. You work just like me you don't own the company. CEOs pay a fair wage and not save it all for yourself.

    There was a day when a company took pay cuts to higher paid employees to save jobs. Those days must come back. There was a day when the government did not spend more than they made and knew where the fluff was when they had to cut back. Those days must come back too or we are doomed. This is the first time in USA history that I could find the Government cut jobs during a major recession going towards depression. We are in trouble.

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