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  • legofthebear legofthebear Jun 22, 2012 4:58 PM Flag

    Stocks market up, E-Tub down ...learn why...

    SumBuddy nose sumthin.

    C Yaz - Da Bear Cares [CGDGE] ( Getting close to earnings and da dreaded CC. I wouldn't be surprise if E-Tub lost 10.45% of its MC, settling down at $7.01. Nope, wouldn't suprise me none. )

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    • Golly leg, think so? You won't mind then filling my order for my next batch of 500 shares at $7.16 alittle early then would you? It's much appreciated. And you make .16 a share by earnings . . . whatta deal? Offer only good until Market open in Tokyo on Sunday . . .

      Grab it while you can.

      heck I'll even let you borrow 500 of my shares to sell short back to me, and you won't have to cover until whenever as I'll always have at least 500 shares in my account, at least until ETFC goes out of business or I need the cash REALLY badly!

      Anyway, eTrade is my broker, so we can just set it up through them as a private trade, no problems. Unless you don't have eTrade as a broker and your broker can't execute such a simple task.

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      • Herr fubar, I tried to get an E-Tub account many years ago-never mind when exactly-but, than GD customer dis-service moron couldn't understand I was calling on da friggin phone and didn't have access to a modem. Therefore, I was rudely told to just read da site every time I asked stupid questions like, commissions, option and bond pricing to compare with AMTD. He was sooo abusive da best way I could deal with his arrogance was to go to Chuck with Da Bear's IRAs.

        Oh, and one other thing, if y'all wanna handout, $7.16, don't ask Da Bear to subsidize it, you GD Commie Pinko. All youze Pinkos are alike, Yinz all want stuff honest hard working people like Da Bear worked for, huh?

        C Yaz - Da Bear Cares [CGDGE] ( I betcha y'all are on food stamps, welfare and medicade and buying stocks with all da money ya save, huh? Gimme a hard tyme and I'll turn y'all inn. )

    • they will do a secondary to continue to pay the blaoted salaries to the under performing management imho

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