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  • luckyskywaltzer luckyskywaltzer Jul 21, 2013 9:42 AM Flag

    liars here caught spreading another lie about the ACA

    fox and righties are spreading the lie that "hhs admits you may not be able to keep your doctor under the ACA"
    typical rightwing fricking BS that is.
    fyi , LIARS, the very same thing can be said of health insurance now and ALWAYS WAS that WAY....jeez.... it ALWAYS depended on your insurance's network of providers and you ALWAYS had to pay more to go out of net work.......... so THAT is the bottom line of this FOX and righty BS.......

    Doctor Choice & Emergency Room Access
    You have the right to choose the doctor you want from your health plan’s provider network. You also can use an out-of-network emergency room without penalty.

    You pick your doctor: You can choose any available primary care provider in your insurance plan’s network. You can choose any available network pediatrician as your child’s primary care doctor.

    healthcare dot gov

    if you buy your own insurance, as always, you have to look for a plan that has your doc in the network or pay more to see that doc.... SAME AS ALWAYS.... and it is the same for employer health insurance as ALWAYS....see what a bunch or weasels you fox and friends are?

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    • Doesn't really bother me since I've NEVER been "allowed to keep my own doctor", just fire ones (e.g. sever them from my care and files) who I find totally incompetent, and the VA doesn't even like it when I do that, particularly since every doctor I've done this with so far save one they've had to later fire for incompetence.

      Being a doctor fired from the VA for incompetence is QUITE an achievement, almost like an actor winning a razzie, only they're rarer.

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      • the point being that fox and the rightie blog that originated the "story" are just liars, basically. and then the liars here and in rightwing blogoshere repeat the lie endlessly.
        Any honest person than has had health insurance knows that insurers have ALWAYS required the use of doctors within their network, else you pay more. I have never had a problem finding docs within the networks of several providers. Fox news could have just as easily reported that the "repeal of Obamacare means you won't be able to keep your doctor"..... jeez...and to spin it that Obama care is the cause of that is pure propaganda, but that is what fox news is known for isn't it?

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