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  • jondeere323 jondeere323 Sep 26, 2013 9:46 AM Flag

    In 2010, the average white household had 20 times as much total wealth as the average African-American household,

    and do you suppose blacks are proportionately represented in the top 1% ?

    My guess is that they would not even be a whole percent let alone be 13 % of the wealthiest .....their percent in the population.

    there seems to be no whining among righties about those disproportions.
    They only whine about foodstamps.

    even though whites are much richer , they are also the largest user of food stamps.

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    • 55.47% of the Black population is on WELFARE, or 22.5 million Blacks
      8.99% of the White Population is on welfare, or 21.9 million Whites....,
      Shoooot,, even an ol' Hate Mongering Racist like you can figure out that easy math.

    • That's kinda screwed up given all I left my parents home with is a basic toilet kit and my high school graduation present, which technically I had to leave behind until graduation as they don't let recruits have combat knives. Guess that combat knife started me out with some HUGE advantages there eh?

      Take it elsewhere so that you might obtain a more receptive audience. Every time I see some privileged Blite American complain about how being black is so hard I have to remember a conversation with an exchange student in which he couldn't understand, not could I explain to him, how US Blacks were capture by other tribes or sold as excess population by their own, ended up in America, and were #$%$ about it.

      He was an exchange student from another army with which we'd long had good relations, and, black African himself, and after generations his nation was just starting to recover from decades of internal civil war, coups, and chaos. His basic opinion was that anyone who managed to get out during that period was lucky. Lucky to get out in the first place, lucky to survive the trip in the second, lucky to be in a nation where even before emancipation things looked better for the slave than the freeman in many African nations (particularly those that were colonized and in which a black man was treated worse than he would be had he been in the host nation of his occupiers). He saw nothing "noble" in roaming the Savannah dressed in weeds or having only "made up" written languages or . . . well, you get the idea. The whole concept of the noble African free tribesman (being toted in some of the communist aggressor nations) was so silly to him he had to laugh at it or, he said, cry.

      His opinion of American blacks at the time (early 80's) was that THEY were born with a silver spoon in their mouths and didn't know to do anything but spit it out of their mouths and demand gold, all because one or more of his ancestors managed to catch the fast boat to riches.

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      • Sure and the gov of Texas invited you to camp Ni####head too, right?
        I guess people like you are just too self satisfied to understand the reason why
        1. whites are so disproportionately richer has more to do with racism than laziness.
        2. or that. to use your racist logic, the fact that more white people use foodstamps is because
        they are the laziest people of all, given how disproportionately rich they are.

    • You are mixing apples and and oranges. The population as a whole has a large percentage of whites and a smaller percentage of blacks. Only a small percentage of the total whites get food stamps. A larger percentage of total blacks get food stamps. There is nothing wrong with that. What it indicates to me is that whites are hired faster, and to better jobs than blacks. Part of that, I blelieve, is education. Whites are better educated than blacks b/c white parents have more money and send their children to school more readily.

      Half of the people getting food stamps are children.

      I'm for anybody getting food stamps who needs them.

      Food stamps is only a small percentage of the federal budget, less than 2 percent.

      I'm for blacks getting free tuition and books if they are successful in school.

      My only problem with blacks is that they don't want to act white. They want to keep their black culture. When they can speak and dress like whites they will be more accepted by whites who will give them opportunities.


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      • why don't you express a problem with white poor people who refuse to stop acting like hillbillys or refuse to finish high school or cover them selves with tattoos, not the wall streeter thing exactly.
        and again. more white people use food stamps than blacks, it is just a fact, and all the worse for them because on avg whites are 20 times richer, speaking of disproportion.
        and also again, speaking of disproportion, blacks are more patriotic than whites because a higher percentage are in the military, so more patriotic, right? ( or is that too a function of the FAR GREATER POVERTY of blacks?)

    • hard work and smart decisions pay off - no matter what the race

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