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  • skunkthrone skunkthrone Jun 13, 2009 8:56 PM Flag

    A second look

    KNOWIN, The reason I said you are way off base and you couldnt be more wrong is because you implied that I am roln, and that I am dig. This is not true.

    Also you said that I talk as though I am above people, and that I hide insults in my words....This is also not true. In all of my posts on this thread and other threads I have not insulted anybody ( at least not knowingly)

    Can you please show me where I insulted somebody?

    You said you were interested in what I have to say, so I really spent some time posting information that I think is very interesting.
    I was honestly hoping that you would enjoy the read and maybe it would help you in some way.

    The AMA (american medical assosiation released a study 2 months ago conclusively prooving that stress and anxiety can actually cause heart disease. When I mentioned that you being sick and also being upset at roln were not coincidence, and that the two could easily be related...was not an attempt to insult you. I really believe negative emotions cause illness.

    As for me being a dean....ha ha ha....I am a high school dropout who had to go to school for a year AFTER I joined the service- just to get my HS diploma.

    Also I am a survivor of lung cancer. I beat lung cancer with no conventional medical treatment whatsoever!

    My mother had a lung surgically removed 2 years ago (lung cancer).

    AS for roln, I would not have got in on UQM if it was not for him bringing up the question of who makes the electric motors. I'm pretty sure it was whoadaddy and the infamous racing jacket who finally coughed up the name UQM, and for that I thank him. ( I wish I had not sold at $1.75)

    I told you before that I am only here looking for info, and sometimes interesting conversation happens.

    I will feel free to continue talking to whomever I please, regardless of their stance on qtww. I am still long on qtww. My original plan when I bought in was to hold until Nov '09 and then re-evaluate. I must stick to my plan.

    As for not replying to your posts....I have a job. I have been at work all day.

    Just so you know, I have a 11 yr old girl, and a 13 year old boy and I flip burgers at a f*cking bar and grill 30 hrs a week for extra money. (I'm sure bat would love to hear that))

    Do you know what it costs to take a family of 4 to dinner and a movie these days?
    Do you know what it costs to bury an 8 year old girl?

    I have really tryed to be nice, open, and honest with you. It seems every time I turn around you are trying to bust my balls.

    I have no interest in trading insults with anybody. Did you notice that everything I talked about has to do with the benefits of positive thinking?

    Once again I say good luck to you.

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