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  • new_albany_mike new_albany_mike Nov 7, 2012 6:26 AM Flag

    You got your scamdaddy slipup birdcatty

    He's still dreaming of 3 shifts, only this time posting as this Sandy clown. I'll give a rundown of the terrible numbers after they are released. Wouldn't be smart for me to do so before they are released.

    Even though I could.

    Let's see how they spin the following
    "go forward strategy"
    "clearly excited"
    "finally in position to capitilize"

    And let's see how they alot the 900K that was still owed to bonnie and clyde when they "suddenly" resigned in May. That's 4 times as much as the wind sham has averaged per quarter.

    Later scamdaddy now known as Sandy.

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    • Cletus said what?


    • no rundown to give? YOU PROMISED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Yes, I caught the third shift comment. He's like an elephant trying to hide in a room with a hankie on his head.

      One more day and he/we/our/Cletus/Sandy and daddy-o will run like the wind (pun intended) when the numbers come out. I'm not thinking the sun will come up tomorrow.

      • 2 Replies to birdcatty
      • Let's go shooping for hankies.


      • Silly Board Troll. You do realize I also read the posts of others, right? The third shift idea admittedly was not mine. But before one invests in adding more machines, using existing machines to full capacity isn't a radical of a concept.

        But you say you can tell us just how terrible the 3Q numbers. Well isn't this the perfect chance to show the board how amazing you are? Pick your number.

        Even so, here is what you don't get. We could care less about 3Q12 earnings. It's about 2013 & 2014. The company has already detailed what is owed to bonnie and clyde (Alan & Dale), and how this will be paid out. The great news is that they are gone, for our source states that it is only because they are gone that there is a new Fisker contract ... which isn't part of 3Q12. The new CNG order is also not in the 3Q12.

        No one expects 3Q12 to be any good... this is much of why the price is still below $1/sh. The rumor has already been sold....time to buy on the news.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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