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  • karnut2000 karnut2000 Aug 27, 2013 4:05 PM Flag

    cloudy_day_jane is also ibmwatcher

    surprised? I'm not.

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    • But a liar you are janenose factsarekarnut.

      • 1 Reply to cloudy_day_jane
      • I lie? I have nearfly 100% of the poeple on the face of the earth. But when it comes to your little game you're playing, lie here. As much as you have tried to bolster how intelligent you are, you may be failing at what the 'tell' is that you've revealed. In the movie "True Romance" a scene where the character played by Christopher Walken interrogates the character played by Dennis Hopper. Walken's character delineates the term he calls a tell. You've given up the ruse, old boy...and your denials fall flat. At the same time, I applaud your deception as fooling better than 90% of the people. It's an idiot's expectation to expect 100% or perfection. You are treading on thin ice...where your own ego gets the best of you. I've always expected that was your Achilles heel, you heel. Oh NO MINOR are, by far, much more the liar than me or the average person,. QTWW Long-Term Sentiment Disclosure: Strong Buy

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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