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  • ssainvesting ssainvesting Oct 22, 2007 1:09 PM Flag

    At 10:05 am MT CNBC announced...

    At 10:05 am MT CNBC announced there is a rumor that an outside player is very interested in a heavily hit home builder. Hmmm...SPF up about 25% in 2 days...I wonder which builder will get this potential buyout offer or cash infusion.

    To quote Alstry...Time will tell!

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    • That's my boy......thisthatntheother

      Always sticking to the facts.

      Just the facts and nothing but the facts.

      Time has told with this boy. That is why he is thisthat.

    • Yes, just like HOV, and CFC and BSC.

      At least the fake rumor makers have gotten wise and stopped naming names.

      Show me one of these "rumors" that has proven true over the past few months.

      Unwinding short positions looking good for longs today. Buying a horrid company with slim future prospects is a different thing.

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      • I'm no fan of rumors myself, and it's true that most rumors are phony. This came out of the mouth of Bill on CNBC and "might" mean there is a chance that there is truth to this rumor. CNBC hears rumors all the time and they don't announce them frequently. That's what was interesting about this new one. It may just have legs.

      • I agree and disagree. The past few trading days has been short covering. As far as SPF buyout - I think its possible. The other HB's all have too much debt already - maybe tol since it has 700M cash on hand...SPF 2B in debt is not huge - private equity funds could buy SPF - pay off the debt and have some good LONG term assets...Many investors and I use a DCF method for valuing equities. With the risk free rate so flows even 10-15 years in the future have a meaningful value...This would be 2 more full housing cycles...

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